Cristiano De Angelis: Travelling Rapist

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Update: Looking for information about Cristiano de Angelis and the charges against him? please read this (probably far-from-exhaustive) long list of testimonies.

Update (Feb. 2016): Rather than taking a strong look in a mirror and reflect on his life choices, Mr. De Angelis has been spending a large amount of time and resources trying to make these pages disappear from the web.

Cristiano De Angelis is an Italian-Brazilian “professor” of economics who enjoys travelling.

Cristiano De Angelis is also a sociopathic sexual predator, who raped a 20-year-old woman in Kyoto, sexually assaulted at least one other person and generally behaved like a pathetic excuse for a human being toward all the people unlucky enough to cross his path during his travels through South-East Asia.

Abusing the trust and generosity of people in the Couchsurfing hospitality exchange community and craftily creating new profiles each time, Cristiano De Angelis was able to slip unnoticed from one unsuspecting host to the next. There is no telling (yet) of his actions throughout SE Asia, until his arrival in Kyoto:

M is a 20-year-old Japanese friend of mine, loved and trusted by all her friends: not just the local Kyoto community, but also the many dozens foreign travellers she hosted in her home, out of a sincere desire to exchange with other cultures and make the world a better place for people. It may sound a bit naive, even dangerous, but the Couchsurfing system of trust has worked well for millions of people so far. And while she may not have been as cautious as a young single woman ought to be in her situation, her heart was in the right place and nothing could justify what happened to her.

When she first met Cristiano De Angelis and immediately felt uneasy about his lack of manners and rude behaviour, she should have kicked him out and left it there. But being a gentle, trusting, young person, she felt a responsibility toward him for initially accepting to host him (a sense of obligation he thoroughly used and abused). Instead of using her prerogative to change her mind, she looked past his unpleasantness and tried to be an agreeable host.

In Mr. De Angelis’ sick mind, this probably meant it was not only OK, but even risk-free to slip in her bed the following night and force himself onto her despite her best efforts to push him away: after all, what impressionable 20-year-old would have the courage to make a fuss about being raped by the very man she willfully let stay in her house?

He was right.

Not only did M. feel too helpless to do anything after Cristiano De Angelis raped her, merely relieved to go to sleep (at which point he apparently further undressed her to take pictures), but she kept shut about it for a while, until she progressively confided in a few people and finally told a group of us the whole story in private.

Unfortunately, nothing any of us said could convince M. to file an official police complaint. Like many women in her case, M. felt a part of responsibility and shame for what had happened and thought the best course of action was to move on with her life and “not make a fuss”. You cannot believe how mad this makes me, but it is ultimately her decision to make ((Please keep this story in mind the next time you hear some idiot suggest that a rape victim somehow “deserved” it or bears even a part of the blame (for the way she dressed, letting the rapist buy her a drink etc.): decades of blame-the-victim and casual attitude toward rape cases by the Japanese police (greatly improved nowadays, but still strong in people’s minds) are the reason that people like M. will rather keep it to themselves than endure the trouble and perceived humiliation of filing a complaint.)).

Meanwhile, Cristiano De Angelis did not dwell on things: he promptly moved to Tokyo, where he went on to abuse a new unsuspecting host with behaviours running the spectrum from utter rudeness to sexual harassment, including: bringing back a random girl to have sex at his host’s place (serving her the bottle of champagne his host kept in his fridge) and masturbating on his host’s bed after his sexual advances had been sternly rebuffed ((All of this pales by comparison to what he did in Kyoto, but that’s what they call character evidence.)).

He has since then been sighted in Malaysia, where his antics were fortunately limited to rudeness, casual racism and generally behaving like an arrogant moron. By now, most of the Couchsurfing community in Asia has been warned to look out for him and he should not get another opportunity to abuse the trust and generosity of other unsuspecting hosts. There is unfortunately no guarantee that he will not hurt other people in the future, or that he will ever be made accountable for his crime.

Cristiano De Angelis is not only a rapist, but an unrepentant, repeat offender, with clearly no sense of guilt or remorse. By most people’s account, he is not particularly articulate (euphemism), veering on delusional, which might explain why he never bothered to cover his tracks while committing all this. Or perhaps he just figured that he would be long gone by the time anyone realised what sort of a scumbag he was.

I have no illusion that, back at home (Nice, France, or Padova, Italy, it would seem), Mr. De Angelis is an upstanding citizen, perhaps even liked by his friends and colleagues (he is even a family man, it seems). He is not entirely mistaken in his delusions of impunity: after all, he did get away and will likely not rot in a Japanese cell (or in any other SE Asian country) for a few years like he so richly deserves.

Which is why I am posting this: I do not think I have ever named someone in this manner on this blog, let alone launched such serious accusations, but this is how boiling mad this whole story makes me. If one single person, be it a friend, potential host, prospective employer, ever gets to learn the hideous personality of Cristiano De Angelis through this post (and a little help from Google), it won’t have been a waste of time.

Please spread the word.

If you personally know him and have any doubt about the truth of the above, please do not hesitate to contact me: I will be more than happy to refer you to an arm-length list of direct witnesses who will be glad to corroborate and provide further details. If you have encountered this scum in the past and have any information you feel might be of use to the public, feel free to share below. [Update 01/16/2012:] Better yet, check what all his CS hosts in Asia have to say about him

Update (01/13/2012): After I posted this, my friend M. finally accepted to go together to the police station to file an official complaint:

I just came back from Kyoto Shichijo-Karasuma Police Station, where I took M. to file a formal complaint. Although I of course did not attend the interview itself, what she told me of it was that, according to the police officer, it was “too late to collect physical evidence” and there was therefore nothing to be done (despite mountains of circumstantial evidence and her own word, which should warrant at least some questioning). Judging by the relative brevity of the interview (30-40 minutes), I suspect the officer was not overly motivated in opening a case against a guy long gone from the country, and since M. was rather reluctant to share in the first place, it could not have gone very far.

I was not exactly expecting the Japanese police to send a death squad after that guy through South-East Asia, but one could have hoped that a 20-year-old girl collecting the courage to walk into a police station to report her own rape would get more than a 30-minute interview ending with, I kid you not, advices on how to handle it “the next time it happens” (the next time?!? WTF).

Sad and depressing, but not that surprising.

I guess we can find some solace in the knowledge that Mr. De Angelis might eventually get caught when he does it again ((Because he will do it again: sexual predators of his kind, exhibiting such sociopathic tendencies and complete absence of remorse, do not just stop of their own, especially when they feel they will always get away with it.)). Until then, if you ever meet Cristiano De Angelis, rapist and scumbag of the earth, do not hesitate to relay my most utter contempt to him.

[Update 01/16/2012:] Still have your doubts and think (rightfully so) that it is too easy for a single person to launch such accusations without proof?

Go have a look at what people, living in six different countries, have to say, independently, about the man.

Comments scrapped from the original post entitled “Cristiano De Angelis: Travelling Rapist:

[slanderous and unsourced comment likely posted by an impostor removed. — Dave]

Hi Dave, did you report this to CS? In which way? And if, what was the reaction?



Pino: yes, at our insistence, she did report it to CS. Their reaction was somewhat expected but not overwhelming: they deleted the negative review he left her, told her they’d try to ensure he wouldn’t create a new profile and enjoined her to go to the police if possible. In my opinion, that was about the bare minimum, when they could have very easily dug up the guy’s messages, sent warning to all the hosts he had contacted (which they didn’t do, since some only learnt about it when we posted in his planned destinations’ CS groups) and inquired with his *previous* hosts as to whether there was anything more to report…

They didn’t do any of this. Frankly, I’m not impressed.

Well done you for taking the time to write this. In my youth I got trapped by someone like this and did not take it further. I found out years later that the person who had raped and stolen my belonging had been doing this through out europe in the early 80’s.

Shame there are not more pictures of him as I am a teacher in chiang mai and he is the sort of person that should have their photo placed at canters where travels pass though so that may someone would know him and shame or tame him
felicity joy

felicity: I am really sorry to hear this. The world would be a considerably better place if all the people that get abused did not have to think even a second about pursuing these matters (in many places, such as Asia, there are still way too many hurdles for people pressing sexual assault charges)…

And believe it or not, there are more pictures of that guy:

That’s how incredibly deluded he is about his immunity…

I’m brazilian, and ben on CS from the last 6 years, I’ve travelled a lot and had many CS experiences, the only bad one I’ve had was an Australian half Israeli that was nothing but a young moron looking for a place to crash for free, he spent one night and the next morning I was ready to kick him out of my place, left him a bad review and so did other hostess, being a moron is not a crime so this was the least I could do to keep people alert about what kind of person he was.

What this brazilian did it was a crime and you’re totally right to spread the word, hope he pay for is acts and go to prison, because that’s where he belongs, I already shared this link on my facebook and some friends also did.

Sorry for you friend, send her my love and respect.

Thank God he is not an African guy, hell would have let loose. I salute the courage of your friend and I hope this sad incedence would not affect her future relationship with people. May God bless her for saving the lives of many.

I might know something about the place where he is now but I really need more information before reporting to police..maybe a message from the Japanese police if the fact was reported to it.

I think i know were we can find this guy

The girl went to police?

You should have written the blogpost in less confrontational way. This looks like you almost want to lynch this guy and it actually raises the questions about credibility of the whole incident(s).

@Angel: Just to clarify: I only mentioned his citizenship for the purpose of making him more identifiable (he has been known to change his profile to contact new people, so I wouldn’t put it past him to use a different name). I don’t think his nationality has anything to do with it. Such people exist in absolutely every country. They tend to share the same traits and think themselves above law and morals, just as long as they are far enough from home.

@Alfredo, Alberto: please read my update above.

@DaddyG: you are probably right that I should have made my post more factual and less personal. And I am the first to be circumspect of such recounts when I read them online… But I know M. personally and it is really hard remaining composed when you get to hear all the details of the story, plus the fact he will ostensibly walk away from all this without even a slap on the wrist. To be absolutely clear, no matter how angry I feel about this guy, I do not advocate the use of any violence against him, but I certainly do hope this will contribute to smear his name among the people who may not know this facet of his personality: such a scum should not be allowed to simply go back to their friends/family/employer and act as if nothing had ever happened.

Wow this guy send me a request in Tokyo to stay with me actually. The message and the whole Professor and his story didn’t sound realistic so I ignored the whole message.

A similar incident happened in Turkey before in CS, and the girl went to the police late, similar to this incident. However the police wrote a report and the guy went to court, I am not sure if he got jail time or what happened later, however with the police report, the guy was banned from the CS, and people were checking up often to see he d open duplicate profiles. So there has to be a police report for CS to actually ban the guy.

I do share your anger and understand why the message was very personal, the incident itself is personal, and am sure disgusts any loyal member of CS, and how it will portray future members without references. I can’t even begin to imagine or understand what she is going through.

In my opinion, this girl needs to lawyer up, and needs to go to the authorities with a lawyer rather than alone. In most cases it will be a lot more effective, most of the time, police is unresponsive without a lawyer, and makes up excuses to avoid paper work. With enough people to testify against him ( I am not sure about the laws in Japan, however in Turkey he could go to jail without a medical report of rape incident ) , a warrant can be set against him so he can’t step a foot to Japan again (or get caught if he does at the immigration). From what I’ve read, he did a similar sexual assault to another girl in Tokyo, so there are at least two that can testify against him.

The second path could be after finding where this person lives, with the police report, local newspapers can be contacted with the incident details, and if the word gets out, his family & friends and people around him will know what kind of person he is, and the local government can do something about it.

Also perhaps a message could be posted in countries this person is travelling to avoid any more possible damage this guy can cause to people around the world using CS.

I do hope this guy will get what he deserves but thank you for sharing this and thanks for the bravery of the girl, this could save a possible future victim.

hello Dave,

your initiative on this is commendable and I really feel sorry for M. I am a very active CS host in Singapore. Thank you for the warnings here & over the CS site.

It is rather unfortunate that we had a bad case reported here in SG as well with some other CSer and all the CS guys would do is delete the profile and supposedly not let them create new profiles. Whereas all the correspondence over CS could be used as potential evidence.

Well if he happens to cross my path at SGP ..he is going to trip for sure.

do let M know that we all support her as a fellow CSer.


Trying to spread the word in Singapore. Appears he is here till the 16th.


If his name was Julian Assange or Dominique Strauss Kahn the police would be ALL over it. Since it’s not…

To anyone out there who’s been through something like this, insist on getting the police to take down your report and keep it on file, even if they say there’s nothing they can do.

If he’s eventually caught or a string of others report as well, then it could be useful to authorities such as prosecutors or immigration.

@hakan, @S: agreed: the ideal course of action would be to persevere, get legal counsel and raise hell until somebody does something, but if you’ve read the above, you know why this just isn’t gonna happen: it was difficult enough merely convincing M. to go once, she made it pretty clear she’s not interested in pushing it further (given the pathetic response of the police this time, you can’t blame her for not having much faith in the process…

As I wrote above in the comments, I really do think CS’s handling of such a case is sub-par: there is absolutely *no* good reasons they should need a police report to take action. They have all the logs, the ultra-negative reviews, the many complaints posted by different established CSers and they have the guy’s track record of creating new profiles to fool people: regardless of the rape and any police report, they had/have more than enough to justify banning the guy and taking protective measures against him.

On a related point, I am baffled that CS’s system allows users with negative reviews to simply delete their profile: this is a huge safety breach (that this guy successfully used to circumvent the review system). Such profiles should be automatically frozen, with the negative reviews preserved and the original owner locked out if necessary.

I should add that the reaction of the CS *community* on the other hand has been nothing short of amazing: people everywhere have been spreading the warning, helping members deal with the guy (at the time I wrote this post, he was *still* trying to get hosted by CSers in Kuala Lumpur, if you can believe it) and generally organising a much more efficient defense than admins have until now.

It’s bad. can I post this also in My Country Indonesia? In case he’s here we can recognize him.

This is really sad news. I even met the nice girl when i lived in Kyoto. Hope one day the guy will be facing jail.
Andy Johansen

Well the news is spreding well through CS comunity.. got to Slovenia by now.. being the neighbour country I really appreciate this.. Send my love to M., and I hope she someday gets the satisfaction to see this guy pay for what he did to her or any other girls.

I am so shocked to read it. I met this person in CS. I helped him find a host(in Faro). Now, I feel so disgusted with myself. I am going to report this person in CS, or anywhere I can find to do so.

It may be an idea to actually start a CS group dedicated to CS “crime”, it seems that a number of these awful people travel wider than any one group spans, this guy contacted me whilst I was in Bristol. If we had a central group then it would raise awareness much faster than if it is only flagged in the group where the incident occured

Wow, I’m glad that ppl have shown compassion for this.

Honestly, sth similar happened to me while I was in Spain when a Morrocan (CS) guy tried to get me drunk…and I don’t know from where I got the strength in that state but I managed to get away.

He has good good references and from what it seems it was a one-tiem slip.

I know this doesn’t make it an excuse but to be honest I just didn’t feel like getting personally involved even more…I didn’t feel like having any connection to his profile anywhere…I didn’t won’t that he knows it was me who accused him of sth…

Luckily after more nicer CS experience I ws able to get over this experience and I’m actually glad it happened because in soem way it has made me more careful.

To sum up, I’d like to say that the issue here is that there are more Cristianos in the world unfortunately and that the important thing is that the word goes around…cuz unfortunately there r always some ppl trying ot abuse a great thing like CS.

I wish all the victims to be able to learn sth from this and most importantly to know it was not their fault!

@Alice: I love your idea.

i’ve just read your post and all related comments – by pure chance i’ve stumbled upon a random CS post on my city group page, whose “soft” title (warning! warning!) arose my curiosity… i normally don’t spend time reading long blog’s post, or even normal ones (even less replying them ), but i don’t regret doing so this time…

firstly, i am sincerely sorry and sad for M. – i really can’t find appropriate words to express my feelings, please just send her all my love. secondly, thank you very much for taking the time to write this – not a very objective report of the story as it has already been said, but also very much understandably so.

i just want to say that this person’s nationality is not irrelevant if it comes to the legal stage. some countries do punish their citizens breaking the law regardless of where this happened – this doesn’t apply to all crimes obviously, but it is sometimes the case for sexual crimes (i.e. involving children, for example). this means this person could go to trial in his country if its laws persecute rape committed abroad, and if he is formally accused obviously – definitely contact a lawyer! i’m not one but i’m sure the report file to the japanese police, as well as any other official document / proof, would come up useful in that case. ***so, M., for how much difficult i can’t even imagine finally stepping into the police office must have been, and although it was an upsetting experience, it was certainly a good and right thing to do. don’t give up!!!***

having said that, i’m really bitterly surprised – to use an euphemism – to hear how little CS does / has done in this case… NOT EVEN SENDING AN ALERT/WARNING MESSAGE TO THE CS MEMBERS HE HAS CONTACTED RECENTLY??? also, i can’t believe they are not using all those data they have (his posts/correspondence over CS, his tracks and all his several profiles, including his references of course) to take action?! i wonder if it is supposedly only the interested person that should take action?! in that case they should at the very least make that big amount of data available as EVIDENCE, as that’s exactly what it is…!

i’m baffled too about the safety breach about negative reviewed profile self-deletion… no further comment to add here 😦

I met Cristiano in person, thanx to the CS community, during my stay in Italy and I must say I’m astonished with the (un)known facts related here. We socialized in different occasions, he met some of my friends – young women included – @CS events, parties, in Italy and in Portugal, and nothing wrong ever happened.

To be honest, he doesn’t seem to fit in a rapist/ sexual predator profile. It’s just my opinion… Anyway, I would prefer to ‘hear’ both sides before judging someone, shaming them in public.

Hey, i’ve met this person to, in Portugal, he was doing some voluntarie work in a farm, in the south of the country. I must agree that his behaviour was very strange and rude, so i’m not suprised, unfortunately for the people o cross his life.

A friend of mine was date raped in college, but didn’t report it at the time. There really is nothing that the police can do once a few days have passed. Definitely always report a rape at the time…you don’t have to press charges, but in case you ever want to, you need that physical evidence.

hey i met this duchebag in Portugal too, he was talking about settling in in porto (up north)… if any1 wants to find him i think he might still be here …

peace take it easy

Is very easy to judge someone without evidence and using the Couchsurfing website and other networks to spread facts did NOT occur.

What happened was a robbery of a train ticket that is worth 12,700 in her apartment. We spent a night together in the same bed, Yes, and the next morning she even gave me a kiss before going out to work, with all the tranquility and consent.

When I realized that my ticket was not in my wallet, I decided to wait for her to ask about my ticket.

She said she did not know about the ticket, but how come a ticket may be missing from my wallet inside her apartment?

Never thought it would be stolen in Japan and she must be with such a very heavy conscience about it that she decided to make up this story, more than two weeks after we met, without any base.

Hope this clarifies the situation, because I don’t to be charged of something I didn’t commited.
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@Christiano: this does not clarify anything.

First, M. did not “make up with this story” 2 weeks after she met you. She was upset from the day you stayed, and she immediately started telling the whole story to her friends. The fact that she was initially reluctant to share her ugly experience had nothing to do with “tranquility and consent” and everything to do with your aggressiveness and her being traumatised by the experience.

How about letting her say in her very own words what happened during your stay? This is one of the first message she sent me the day after you left:

First of all, he came to Kyoto one day earlier as I said and called me many many times which annoyed me so much.

Because I was working all day long, I couldn’t answer his phone call and also it was from someone else, not him, who called me.

When I was back home, I wrote a message to him about the place and time to meet up.

On the next day, I was working all day long too. I got many phone calls again during I was working and annoyed me again.

then, when I was going to the meeting point, I got another call by stranger’s mobile. I said I was coming but he was shouting to ask when I would be there. It was big stress after my work because of his loud and angry voice.

I met him and brought him to home. After a while, we went out to my friend’s party and enjoyed the time there.

After we went home, I put FUTON for him on the floor and I went to my bed to sleep. All of sudden, he came into my bed. I refused it so many times, but he didn’t go out. Besides, he forced me to have sex with me although I refused it so many times too.

You know, with man’s power, women can’t do anything.

Also when I was sleeping, he undressed me and I think he took some picture because I remember the sound of camera when I wake up.

Next morning, I said to him to leave my place as soon as possible. but he was saying some thing to stay at my place. I was hurrying for work and left before him but he said he would also leave in 10 min.

After my work, it was around 23:00, he was still at my place.

I asked the reason why he was still there. He said he lost his ticket to go to Tokyo and thought I might have had one. but it was impossible to have it with me because I only saw it for like 10 seconds and returned it to him. I think it was just an excuse to keep staying at my place.

In anyway, I asked him to leave from my place because now it was clear that I didn’t have his ticket.

but he refused it and asked me to stay here on that night too.

He said he prepared dinner and wine for me although there weren’t dinner nor wine after I looked around my room and knew it was all lie and excuse.

He kept saying all excuse he could think of, but I didn’t want to hear it and asked him to leave as soon as possible.

Then he took his things and left, but just before he left, he asked me not to write any negative reference.

I refused it of course because he deserves to get negative reference.

I put it on his page and he also wrote negative referent to me too. It’s so disgusting because I didn’t do anything wrong.

Now he deleted his profile page and I think he will create another one soon.

That’s all what happened to me.

Go ahead and pretend there is a single lie in there. I dare you.

And before you try to imply that a girl with over 50 glowing positive references on her profile, including more than 30 people she hosted, all heaping praise on her kindness and hospitality, that this girl somehow “stole your 12,700 yen train ticket”, please first go to one of the many CS threads, like this one and explain why every single person who has interacted with you has found you distrustful, repellent and a horrible guest… That you would even attempt to cover your behaviour by making up this sort of inane story is just pathetic.

Tell you what, though: how about you come back to Kyoto and the three of us go clear that out at the local police station? I’m sure by now you have realised that nothing will happen to you as long as you stay out of Japan, but I can assure you things will be a lot different if you are sitting beside that police desk the next time we go over there. Hell, I’m sure we can start a fund to pay your ticket here.

We both know you will not be back to Japan, nor to any of the hosts whose kindness you have abused. You will go straight home, far from the mess you’ve made, thinking none of it can follow you. Let me assure you this page and the reputation you’ve made yourself will follow you…

… if is a real professor in santa caterina that link can be useful:

now we know al the personal details, name, surname, city where he lives in Brasil, place where he works and telephone numbers etc etc.

In the meantime I think is also a good idea someone wll post everything about this sick person in the Brazil forum and especially in the local Santa Caterina Cs local forum. Every one in the country where he lives and in the city where is working now should know what kind of person he really is.

Moreover I think is time that the real hunt will start now!!!!!

Let go people let go there, let organise a CS global meeting there for February. CS for all around the world expecially from Japan let meet there and let teach a good lesson from real to this ‘professor’. Hi personally wanna see hum crying like a baby under my punches….
martino de amicis

castrate the bastard!

For better or worse, I believe people are innocent until proven guilty. Unfortunately without any supporting evidence or additional accounts, your comments are unfounded allegations. And, thanks to your post, I now know more about Cristiano than I know about you. How do I know your own intentions are not malicious?

Thank you for the warning and I will be careful, however, Cristiano must be given and should exercise his right of reply. I would be very interested to hear his defence and equally interested to hear the outcome of your and any additional police complaints.
Sascha Ramirez

It really sucks that we hear story like this but sadly it happens.

I was a rape victim, not Csing and I know how hard it is to admit to yourself what happened and I don’t blame her for taking that long to report it and how hard it is to actually do it.

Just please tell her that she’s incredibly strong for that and because she came forward , she is helping other potential victims. Thank her for that.

@Raquel: thanks for sharing and I am glad nothing bad ever happened in your interactions. As I wrote myself: I am sure he can be a perfectly normal, well-adjusted individual… Most sexual predators are (which is not my saying that “appearing normal” makes you one, just that it really doesn’t mean much either way).

You are not the only person who had pleasant, non-confrontational, interactions with him (at least one other CSer hosted him in Europe a year ago and deemed him a nice-enough guest to leave a positive review). However, I invite you to read through the CS threads in Asian cities he has visited and directly contact some of the people he has stayed at, if you want: at the *very best*, people found him mildly unpleasant, rude and aggressive… In many cases, he was a lot worse.

It is not for me to tell you why he suddenly started behaving like he did: whether this is some sort of psychotic break or if he just thinks of Asia as a personal playground where he can let his id run free without consequences… but the facts are: he did.

@Andy: I think you, me and dozens others know her. She’s been an incredibly active and dedicated member of Kyoto CS since the moment she got involved, which makes this story all the more enraging. Unfortunately, there’s close to zero chance that the guy will ever be facing jail time (for this particular action), which is why I posted this.

@Sanya: I am sorry to hear what happened to you, and your reaction was very understandable… but I hope you realise why it is so essential to not let such things slide. If you ever encounter that type of behaviour again, you should not show the slightest mercy. It is one thing when a friend or somebody you know does this, but when a traveller/CSer behaves that way, you can be near-certain that it is neither his first or last time. People like the guy who assaulted you, or Cristiano De Angelis, get away with their actions, because they never do these things twice in the same place: they rely on the fact people prefer to forget a one-time incident that go the trouble of reporting it. When you dig a bit deeper like we did with this guy, you realise it’s not one isolated incident, but a pattern of sociopathic behaviours…

@giula: thanks for your kind words and support for M.

As best as I know, none of De Angelis’ actions do fall under the cover of international laws (other than having him extradited back to Japan for his actions here). And unfortunately, as I explained above, the Japanese police has not been very keen on making the extra effort (him having left the country and 2 weeks having gone by…) and M. is more reluctant than ever to pursue the matter further (like many people in her case, she really just wants to move on… a major reason for her deciding to file a complaint, was realising that he might abuse other people if nobody stopped him)…

And yes: while CS community has been absolutely amazing, supportive and fast in their response, CS management’s official handling of the case has been and remains extremely disappointing. CS’ policy of doing close-to-nothing without a copy of a police report is simply baffling to me: any service in the world (not just services that deal with such important physical safety issues) will look into a customer complaint, regardless of police involvement, and take action if necessary. Here: M. sent a complaint shortly after the attack, long before I posted this, yet many CS hosts (who had accepted to host him and/or were about to meet him) only learnt about this when we posted a warning in CS groups ourselves. This is unacceptable. Nobody is asking CS to indict the guy or even accuse him of any crime, but his persistent behaviour and abuse of the CS system should be more than enough to warrant banning him from CS and warning the people he has contacted before.
@martino, @lucia and everybody else who might understandably feel angry to the point of physical violence against this scumbag: I know these are just words that most of you would probably never act on, but let me be very clear about something: I am not advocating any violence or illegal action toward this guy, no matter how much I would want to punch him myself. The legal system exists for a reason, and no matter how pissed I am that it has failed in this particular instance, my goal with this post is not to start a lynch mob and get our own justice. I only want two things: 1) warn people and make sure this guy can never find a CS host ever again. 2) make his unspeakable actions stick to his name, so that he does not have the luxury to go back to a “normal” life and pretend to be the upstanding citizen I am sure many people know him as.

There have been some talk here and there about the fact that, in the absence of a legal conviction (and there likely won’t be any in this particular case), it is abusive and misleading to call him a “rapist” as I do, instead of, say, “alleged rapist” or “accused rapist”. I think these are very legitimate concerns and I have given careful consideration to it. I deliberately chose to voice my post without such cautious wording because I am neither a judge, nor a journalist: if someone kills somebody in front of you or in front of a person whose word you trust intimately, he is not an “accused killer” or a “presumed killer”, to you he is a killer… regardless of whether a court convicts and deems him punishable by the law. These are two separate things.

Of course, the legal system is built to defend innocent people against baseless accusations, and there is a very simple way for Cristiano De Angelis to defend his good name (other than posting some very unconvincing retort in these comments): I eagerly await Mr. De Angelis lawsuit for defamation with open arms! Let him come to Japan and go with me and my friend to the nearest police station. Because when he is sitting at a police desk in Japan and the police is actually forced to look into the testimonies and evidence, I doubt things would go in a direction he would like…


I’m sorry but I’m gladly believe the words of this blogger ANYDAY over Cristiano’s as there as MULTIPLE CS users who have reported rude, lewd and strange behaviour from this so-called professor. You would have realised that if you bothered reading the threads that Dave posted in his reply to Cristiano. These accounts are coupled with the fact that this man keeps deleting his profile after each visit, please use some rationality.

As for M’s delay in informing the authorities: as an Asian woman living in one of the most developed South-East Asian countries, I can honestly say that rape is STILL considered a taboo subject and there is still a prevalent habit of blaming the victim. What more in Japan, that has such a skewed view on sexual harrassment?’s-outdated-rape-laws

Even though I wish she had gone straight to the police, I can completely empathise with M for not having the courage to go to the authorities immediately because I can understand the thoughts that must have crossed her mind, wondering if her claim would have even been taken seriously. I hope that M finds the strength to heal and find peace again.

Instead of questioning what M did AFTER the alleged attack, we should realise that it should not have happened in the first place. A single woman giving consent for a man to stay in her house DOES NOT make it fine for him to rape her. Under any circumstances, no means no.

If he really did rape a woman simply because she was being nice, I would very much like to beat him to death. Sorry. I know violence is not condoned.

I think your post should be a warning to all CSers that welcoming people with open arms doesn’t mean you should be prepared to knee them in the groin. Everywhere that trust is abundant, there is an opportunity for abuse, and there are certainly no lack of opportunists out there.

Anyone who abuses trust in the manner of the accused shames their family, their parents, their friends and anyone who associates with them.

I feel strongly for M, and your efforts to speak out for justice. She is very brave to find her voice in a culture that women are culturally innoculated to be subservient. I hope that she finds strength in overcoming her ordeal.

Sorry typo

…welcoming people with open arms doesn’t mean you SHOULDN’T be prepared to knee them in the groin…

Which I realize is probably a bit confusing as a sentence, so to clarify, people should be prepared to protect themselves, and knee predators in the groin.

ahh..unfortunately, it looks like when the guy saw this post and commented on it, he saw your link to his photos and now the link doesn’t work. :/

Thank you for typing all this up–I am not involved in couchsurfing myself (at least, not yet–I have a travel-the-world plan in reserve that would involve CS) but I posted the link to this article on my Facebook, asking everyone to spread the word. Hopefully the information will eventually get to someone who will be able to actually do something about him…..i’m not going to specify what, but i hope for their sake(s) that they keep it legal.

ohh, found another good link about him….you may wanna make sure you have copies of multiple pictures downloaded, and screenshots of the website, in case he deletes this too.

set up a donation portal, collection donations, hire a bounty hunter to drag him back to Japan and hand him over to the yakuzas.

Talked to a couple contacts i have in immigration here in Thailand. If he decides to come here, he will be tracked. My friends throughout Khao San rd have all all his details and are on the lookout. I also spread the word to Pattaya, Phuket and Chiang Mai. His face and name have been sent throughout Thailand. He is not welcome here. Keep up the good work exposing the scumbags in the world.

@BangkokGuy: the guy is currently in Singapore and apparently scheduled to go back to Europe (through Paris) in a few days. Unfortunately, all this only came to light on the tail-end of his 3-month trip through Asia. I have some serious fears that his actions in Japan were no different from the way he behaved in other SE Asian countries before (others might simply have been too afraid to speak up).

He not only has *already* been to Thailand, he even posted on the CS forums there:

If you have ties with the CS community there, you may want to ask around for people who may have interacted with him, possibly hosted him… and make sure there are no other issues we are not aware of.

Yes, he was in Portugal(in Algarve). If only I had knew back then, i would have hit him a few punches myself. Read what some people here have to say.

I wrote an e-mail to his MA thesis adviser [1] Jean-Luc Rosinger at Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina and his dissertation adviser [2] Cipriano Forza at Università degli Studi di Padova. I also wrote to [3] Mauri Luiz Heerdt, the dean of his employer, UNISUL, and [4] DUVANIER Paiva Ferreira, the secretary of human resources at his other employer, MPOG Brasil. The email includes a link to Dave’s blog post and asks that they investigate these serious allegations.

If I could I would also contact his wife to let her know the kind of guy that is the father of her baby, but he took down his facebook profile, so tracking her down might be a bit difficult, especially since I don’t read Portuguese. Hopefully some helpful anon can do something about that. Also, his parents.

I don’t know if these are the most appropriate people to contact, but if you want to try someone else, please do. Ultimately he has to be held responsible by his own professional and personal community.

This guy disgusts me. It’s douchebags like this that give other CS users a bad name and potentially endanger a community program such as CS from continuing. These are all serious allegations and I am sorry for M. and what she had to go through because of that guy. I DO hope he has the gall to come back to Japan (he seems pretty arrogant and so sure of himself, he might attempt it) and gets caught.

On another note, this sight popped up when I googled his name and there seems to be a lot of photos of him with his family and newborn baby (WTF):

…professor angelis my ass.

That SOAB better not appear anywhere near my city. I would love to beat him to a pulp.

It makes me insanely furious to hear about this and to see he even has the gall to accuse her of anything.

Dave congratulations for posting this. I hope your friend M is going to be OK. I have been in CS for 3 years and only once had a near miss. My soon to be host was removed from CS. His profile seamed OK. Than he vanished from CS after he was going to host me. In KL the CS person I met up with told me the story. He drugged 2 surfers then Apparently raped them. So im glad I did not stay with him. The CS world is amazing and a safe place after you have brought this scum bag to our attention. All the best to M. Thank you for this post.

Wow! So he got free accommodation, free food, forced her to sex, accused her of stealing, wrote bad reviews about her and now coming back to counter accuse. His lack of remorse show that he’s only capable of doing something even worse. This is a criminal behavior and you’re doing the right thing to name and shame him. There should be such a policing mechanism at work in CS to keep the community safe and thriving.

I too have been hosted by a friend (of 5 years) who tried to force himself on me repeatedly. Imagine I had to run to another room and try to shut the door, while he pushed against and I was screaming. He used a mixture of physical force and friendly smile to assure me he was just showing love. Some people just can’t contain their feelings (which is what leads to rape, theft, robbery, killing) ad they should know it is the beginning of crime. Girls who encounter such borderline criminal behavior in friends should give him a slap or a kick and ask him to wake up.

that is a very horrible thing to happen and it is really even more than horrible if the same person manages to act in this rude and even criminal ways more than once.

also i am not favoring a general “witch-hunting” i think the idea of a cs-“crime”-groupe is not a bad one. afterwards its still everybody’s own buisnes how to judge information given there, but at least it would prevent accusations from disappearing as easily as profiles apparently can.

therefore i want to ask if such a group does already exist and if yes could anybody please post a link ?

please tell m. i’m terribly sorry for what happened to her :((((

update: his site is down for maintenance now. but you can still see the other parts of the site by going to which is the english version.

Yes: Mr. De Angelis has been actively erasing all traces of his existence online…

Certainly not the behaviour of an “innocent victim of baseless accusations” and a worrying indication that he might just start again under a different identity…

If anybody has saved copies of any of the information removed (I saved some but not all of it, as I figured he would do such a thing), don’t hesitate to send it to me (my email address is at the bottom of the post).

Hey Dave,

Keep us updated on the progress of this. I’m from an online magazine and I’d very much like to report this if something comes out of this.

Hey Dave

Thanks for reporting this and our heart goes out to this brave woman,who is 1 of probably many who have not come forward.I will be spreading this across the cs community in NZ & Australia and continually name and shame him until he is brought to justice!Love & light to M,kia kaha(be strong).

how we know what u r saying is true? “out of a sincere desire to exchange with other cultures and make the world a better place for people”..punch me in the face! .. I’ve been in CS for 4 years and travelled a lot in SE Asia , specially in that region many females like to sleep with foreigners .. and the opposite in western countries ( like here in Australia) many boys r trying to get girls from CS .. im not saying all but at least 70 % are like that which make the fact that most people using CS to get laid !..and we have to admit it so incidents like this(if it is true) wont happen !..single girls hosting single guys should be careful and able to protect them self for any negative behaviour . and sorry ur friend story doesn’t make alot of sense , she could hit him by something or just run outside ..

You could try to investigate the owner of the domain in order to find out the real data about this guy, real adress, name, etc.

@ Silva : Can you be more specific about what happened in Portugal ? it could help to understand better his personality.

@ Prabal : in the link you displayed the “messages are hidden” , so not very useful to go further.

In fact, it appears that his guy has a track record on CS of a list of negative comments and bad behaviours.

But it is clear now that the security system supposed to protect hosts and guests against those kind of threat is inefficient and can be easily avoided by deleting its profiles.

@alex: 70%?! Oh pray tell where you get this number.


That is utter rubbish, Most CS people are nice people looking to meet new freinds and explore new places; not sicko’s and perverts.

I trust those who contact me are genuinly nice people, and I hope I never meet anyone who falls into your so called “70%”

yah that is from my experience.. i met hundreds of coushsurfers and i agree most are nice for those who just want to hangout…but once u deal with hosts and surfers that is like different community !

hey Dave I’d like to help? lets talk over via my email coz I’m pretty sure he reads this thread from time to time. I have a plan.

I would, once and for all, clarify some facts. I would never do anything to a woman that she did’t want and, in the same way,  I wouldn’t  accept that anyone does with my four sisters.

When I decided to create a new profile in CS, it was because I had had several positive references and I do not admit that a person, with character deviation, can create stories to clear the conscience of a robbery.

Well, I went to Japan to spend Christmas and New Year, and meet with some professors in my field of research.

When we met at the train station she told me that she was very tired, but she would meet some friends to drink. We went to her home to leave my  bag and she changed her clothes. From the beginning there was a mutual attraction between us. We drink together with her friends and then we returned to her home. Before sleeping I gave a goodnight kiss and, as I already explained, we spent the night together.No problem at all. She was going working in the morning. As I also had a job to do, I stayed at her home a little longer, thinking on taking the train to Tokyo after lunch. However, after realizing that my train ticket was not in my wallet, I decided to call her. As I didn’t receive any answer, I decided to wait her back since I had shown the ticket to her when we came back to her place.

When she arrived, I asked on the ticket and she was all ashamed and asked me to leave her house. Anyway, I already had plans to catch the night bus (10 hours until Tokyo), if she does not give me back the train ticket (only 2 hours until Tokyo).

How someone can accuse other person without any evidence and arguments, without any foundation ? It is easy to throw words to the air and creating several networks, provoking the anger of people who take sides without hearing the other party and without analyzing what actually happened.

Before drawing conclusions, try to analyze why, if something was wrong at the start of it all, why did she give me a kiss when we woke up and let me stay at her home instead of going to the police immediately to have me arrested? Or even simply shouting out for help,  or even calling her neighbors and to the security?

Think about this for a second, Why did She need two weeks since the day we met, to finally report her story to the police, and postings on blogs and forums? Is this her way to protect herself from my accusations of theft, of a train ticket worth only about 150 euros to clear her conscience?

Finally, I would like to add a final point to prove my innocence, I even tried to do my own investigtion. I went to the train station and after showing the inspectors my proof of ticket purchase, they informed me that there was a request for a refund for that particular ticket, but sadly they could not tell who did it.

I’m quiet because I did nothing wrong and people who knows me will not believe in this story. I hope people who are doing all this turmoil, may think and reflect before making decisions. I searched for a lawyer, because I do not know how to act in these situations. I forgive the people who judge me because I know how they think, but people who crossed the line, creating this blog and contacting my supervisor, my job and family, must answer for their reckless acts that are causing me moral damages.
IP: [Redacted]
Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (iPad; CPU OS 5_0_1 like Mac OS X) AppleWebKit/534.46 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.1 Mobile/9A405 Safari/7534.48.3

@ Cristiano

hehehehh “I’m quiet because I did nothing wrong and people who knows me will not believe in this story..

People that knows you don´t believe in your story
Silva [Alberto]

Hi Dave,

Thank you for taking the time to put this together for your friend M. I hope she is OK (as OK as she can be in the circumstances). I hope she doesn’t let this type of scumbag, make life long changes to her own views about people, trust, hospitality etc. I know it is easy for me to say so. But if this loser manages to change her, then that I feel would be the the worst outcome of all.

Someone called Alice, (post below) had I think a good idea, especially in these types of occurrences, I think could really help. If it is already there, then I haven’t seen it nor was I told of it when i signed up.

Why is there not a CS group page, for all these scumbags?

If there was such a group, people can post (like what you have done) whatever evidence (requests, references, photos etc) on here of individuals that they deem (from their own experiences) are a real danger to the rest of the community.

This will somewhat prevent these scumbags from just creating another profile and start afresh. If there is sufficient info, requests, photos, etc, as evidence, it will be difficult to escape scrutiny.

It will enable anyone to check this group prior, to see if they are about to say YES to host someone but is already on this ‘pervert’ list. Sure this is not a fool proof system. But even if I say NO to someone who remotely sounds/looks like the person, but it ends up not being the same individual, at the end of the day, safety of the host has to come first. After all it is my couch, my space…

CS is the best equipped to do something like this. But i doubt they would unfortunately. I am at a loss as to why CS does not have an official ‘OFFENDER” list.

Whilst I do believe in people being deemed innocent until proven guilty, IF someone has already racked up more than their fair share of negative references (like this loser), then I think the ‘community’ must come before the individual’s rights.

Obvious as it may seem, this (what has happened to M and others) type of occurrence threatens the true spirit and worse the long term viability of CS.

Alice says:

2012-01-13 at 8.58 pm

It may be an idea to actually start a CS group dedicated to CS “crime”, it seems that a number of these awful people travel wider than any one group spans, this guy contacted me whilst I was in Bristol. If we had a central group then it would raise awareness much faster than if it is only flagged in the group where the incident occured

OMG Cristiano, perhaps you have not read yet, what some of your other previous hosts in Southeast Asia reported about you, independently at different forums…


I hosted Cristiano for 3 nights at my place. We had nice chats on his PhD proposal and aboput other issues. Cristiano has always been respectful at me. I showed him around and didn’t feel he could be such dangerous character as some are saying. He is being judged on the basis of one thing that was not proved. As far as I am concerned, he was very polite, quite and kind person. Just thought I need to say this as I meet ghim persoanlly and he was very respectful.

I am a member of CouchSurfing for 4 years and damn i have seen and heard so many things. IF Christiano did no wrong, i dare him to go back to Japan. That’s the obvious fact. Go back to Japan Christiano since you said you are innocent. I dare you!

We never know whose side is true or false. But everything i have read in the CS forum, eg: Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, SE ASIA shows a lot of bad side of this dickhead. Excuse my French.

Anyway, my deepest sympathy to M. Hope she is doing good now.

On the other side, some of us might think this is just a made up story from M. Some will believe her side of story and get really angry.

Trust me when i say, as i am not taking sides as i am not one to judge. But if wanna score this up, best way for now is the lie detector test. Of course it is not 100% BUT it is after all 95% accurate.

Stories can be made. Bad people are everywhere. What goes around, comes around. Just my 2 cents. stay safe everyone and may justice is served. In a legal way that is.


@ Sunshine: Most probably you wrote a very positive reference for him then, at the time you hosted him.

Please post your profile in CS or here, just to have a look at the ‘original’ reference, otherwise you are simply considered a sock puppet.

What other hosts – other people he met, said about him, is visible on CS at different countries – cities forums. None of them was positive.

Any reason why Cristiano created 5-6 times new profiles in the past few weeks?

SUNSHINE where are you from and when did you host Cristiano. You are the first person I have encountered on so many blogs and forums who spoke positive about him. Can you send me a link of your couchsurfing profile if you mind? Forgive me if I am doubtful coz who knows maybe you’re Cristiano.

I hope you get what you deserve Cristiano. What? You think every Asian girl is attracted to you just because they are hosting you? Purleeezeee… What a thoroughly unpleasant, rude, ignorant guy. This reminds me of what happened in Airbnb (with the guest who trashed the host’s apartment) and Airbnb had to relent and share all information with the police. I hope CS will do the same. Lets keep it safe and purge these scums out.

@dave: just so u know the Manila CS community is also concerned with this. thank you for the heads up. im glad how strong CS community can be. To M, i pray that you remain strong and let not this hideous experience break you.

and to the mr. Cristiano de Angelis, u might have escaped Japan’s clutches but cyberjustice can be pretty hurtful too. goodluck on your future employers…and did i say how your kid will look at you as well? 🙂

@Cristiano: as poor defenses go, yours is one of the weakest I could ever think of. A couchsurfer that had hosted 35 people before without the slightest problem and mountains of positive reviews in return, suddenly decided to steal your ¥12,000 train ticket and made up a rape story to divert attention from it? That’s your story?! Among the 1000 things wrong with this nonsensical claim: if you really thought she had “stolen” that ticket from you (and why in the world would she even have any reason to do so), why didn’t you go to the police yourself? I fail to see how the theft of a ticket would be an event so traumatising (unlike rape) that you couldn’t lodge a complaint immediately.

Once more, this is not a case of “one person” launching accusations at you. By now, there are multiple independent CSers in separate cities, all describing you in more-or-less the same terms: rude, aggressive, sexually predatory and the worst CS experience of their life. Go read what your host Anderson in Tokyo had to say about you, what your host Mandy in Bangkok immediately wrote when she heard about you… what the vast majority of the people who’ve met you wrote in different CS threads and in these comments…

The only reason you were able to get away with your behaviours so far, is that you have kept moving and erasing your tracks on CS, making each of your victims believe it was just some isolated incident. Now that the community has started talking in public about you, every bit of truth about your despicable actions is coming to light.

As Silva said: people that know you do not believe in your story.

You say you are looking into hiring a lawyer? Oh… but please by all means do! M. and I are eagerly awaiting you here in Japan: as I said many times, I want nothing more than a trip to the local police station with the three of us. Let’s see how that turns out for you.

But we both know more publicity and extra legal scrutiny is the last thing you want: by now there are way too many people who have come out to speak up about how you treated them. If you know what is good for you, you will thank your lucky star that you miraculously avoided rotting in a jail somewhere in Asia, crawl back to where you came from and never contact a single person on any hospitality exchange network, ever again…

@Alex: what you wrote is repugnant. The only reason I am not deleting your comment is that I think it is a great example of the type of sexist rhetoric found in some pig westerners travelling SE Asia. You are perfectly entitled to doubt my story, but your implications that Asian women on CS are somehow “looking to sleep with foreigners” and moreover, that it would make rape a somewhat acceptable occurrence, is beyond the pale.

@Jap: my email is at the bottom of the article. Feel free to contact me. However, I don’t think there is much else to do beside making sure people are warned (and possible previous victims come forward).

@Sunshine: thanks for taking the time to bring your view. However you have to realise that 1) it would be helpful if you provided a link to your CS profile or any other ways of proving that you are not a sock puppet (feel free to send it to me in private, if you would rather not have it published here) 2) you are one of the very few people to speak even somewhat positively about Cristiano, out of dozens that have met him (and have had overwhelmingly horrible experiences with him). As I’ve said: I have no doubt that he can behave in a normal way at least some of the time. I don’t think anybody would make it alive to his age, while behaving like this with everybody they met (but he certainly seems to be getting close to it)…

If you read through the (now numerous) testimonies from people who have hosted him, I think there is an obvious pattern difference between people who have hosted him in Asia and those who have interacted with him before that, in Europe. It is quite clear that Cristiano has developed some warped sense of impunity during his travels here, or the not-so-rare perception (cf Alex above) that Asian women were somehow less worthy of respect and easier to force into sex… At any rate, your (yet unverified) testimony is still the lone (two, with Raquel’s) positive one, in a sea of deeply negative feedbacks.

An address, work email (governmental institution) and phone number can be found in the whois register of his domainname: Of course I can’t say if those details are correct, I’ll leave the Sherlock-work to other people.

Hi all, first of all I just want to say that I first heard about this incident through a CS group called Neo-Hippy (pretty righteous)… well word does spread quickly does it not? I love the internet because of this, because We The People can communicate together instantly.

Well anyway, I’m writing because I wanted to mention and clear up somethings: Yes I see many people’s point of view that we CANNOT and we SHOULD NOT just form a mob and go after this guy Cristiano de Angelis physically. We do need some proof and CLEAR explanations.

So hey you, Cristiano de Angelis, how do you explain that so many people who met you say the same things about you that you are rude, selfish, not-a-good-guest, etc, etc??

While it is true that we cannot know what has happened between you and M in her house, we can draw the conclusion that something definitely has happened. You ARE being accused of something very serious, and so far you have NOT defended yourself well.

– Can you show us proof that you in fact purchased a train ticket (which you claim we stolen or went missing from your wallet)?

– Was that train ticket purchased under your name, and if so with what method of payment and on what date?

– Can you please tell us when and how you also purchased a bus ticket to Tokyo (WHICH YOU DID END UP USING as you already stated, since you say your train ticket was stolen). If you had realized that your train ticket was stolen then you must have purchased a bus ticket afterwards, so a date on the ticket would prove more of your story… I mean you must have the stub from the used bus ticket, or a record on the Japan Bus system that shows a ticket was purchased at a certain hour by yourself…

– Also, why have you not gone to the police to file a claim against M when you realized that your train ticket was missing?
Man, this all is about PROOF. And if you don’t like people accusing you of RAPE and SEXUAL Misconduct then you need to prove your story!! I’m not mad at you… not yet, not until it is clear beyond any reasonable doubt that you did in fact violate one of my earthly sisters! Nobody should EVER force anyone else into ANY situation they are not comfortable with, especially sex.

But at the moment I’m just trying to clear this up for myself and all the rest of the world. So please answer my questions. And be prepared for more questions, as many folks want to know exactly what has happened!

ALSO, I’m personally willing to raise money on your behalf to pay for your flight from where ever you are now back to Japan to meet with the police and clear up this entire story… And listen, don’t bullshit us with some lame excuse that you are on your way to study your PhD because you’re being labeled throughout the world as a RAPIST!!! Forget a PhD, you could be in serious trouble if you meet the wrong person who thinks that you are a serial rapist… so do yourself and everyone a HUGE favor and go back to Japan at once.

Like I said, I’m willing to personally find funding to pay your way from wherever you may be in this world right now, straight back to Japan! A plane ticket is not that expensive!! And I’m sure enough people are willing to chip in if it means justice!

And by the way, I still was not able to understand your reasoning as to why you keep deleting your profiles on CS. Can you please explain that in clear terms for us all!
Thank you kindly,

… from someone who’s hosted hundreds of CS-ers,

Petre C.

I wrote an email with your blog page link and I sent it to all emails addresses I found on the website on which he is working for in Brazil, I hope it will be enough to blame him for what he did once he will be back to Brazil. if you know people he knows personally do that as well.

Bastards like him should be embarassed of going out of home again

…and i was wondering how many days Prof. Cristiano De Angelis’ website will be under maintenance 🙂

I did a WHOis search on his domain name. Seems at one point he worked for the Brazilian government.

WHOIS information for :

[removed WHOIS output as it is quite lengthy and contains personal information about him that I would rather not be showing on this website — Dave]

People with any lingering doubts about this story might be interested in this new post:

I compiled and copy-pasted without the slightest alteration the testimonies of all the people who have so far publicly come forward about their experience with Cristiano De Angelis.

PS: if you posted about your encounter in the comments above and did not include any elements of identification, please do contact me (here or by mail) so that I can verify you are indeed who you say you are, and I will be happy to include your testimony (positive or negative) to this very damning list..

If anyone wants to access his website, there is a WebArchive file of it:

Stay sharp, folks. In my mind he’s guilty as charged. So hunt him down and expose him for what he is.

OH NO!!!!!! OH MY GOD!!! I am Ana I live in SPAIN, GALICIA. I received some weird messeges from this CRISTIANO ITALIAN BRAZILIAN GUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He invited me to a private party! And after I said politely no, he wanted to come to OURENSE to meet me up!! This was MArch and April 2011. He said the same story about being and economist! This is so horrible! It could have happened to me and who knows what has happened in SPAIN! with this guy!!!

I COPY PASTE ONE BY ONE the messeges I had with him, he did seem weird!!!

from Cristiano Angelis (Lagos, Faro, Portugal)

sent March 29th, 2011 – 8:47 pm

replied Mar 31, 2011 12:11 pm

Hello Ana,

I hope things are going well with you.

My name is Cristiano De Angelis. I am a professor of Economics

and a Planning Analyst in the Planning Ministry in Brazil. Last July I received a license for completing my PhD. in Knowledge Management at Padova University. But the course did not suit me and then i decided to change to Minho University, Department of Information Science, four months ago.

Since last week, I am living in Baiona beach, in order to concentrate on my Thesis and I usually go to Portugal on Friday to meet my advisor.

Well, Me, Raul (YANQUICHARRUA in Baiona CS Group) and my flatmate Page Gottheim decided to do a Brazilian dinner tomorrow night and i would love to invite you. Actually, we invited 8 people.

If you want, you can bring something to drink. Anyway, i will prepare Caipirinha, a typical drink in Brazil.

By the way, do you have skpye or msn? I would love to make friends in Spain.

Ps. My place is in front of the Parador, number 9, 3E.

please, confirm your presence.

a brazilian hug,


to Cristiano Angelis (Lagos, Faro, Portugal)

sent March 31st, 2011 – 12:11 pm

Hi Cristiano:

It´s kind of strange and cool at the same time, to receive CS invitations to a private Party, I must tell you I don´t even live near BAOINA beach, I live in Ourense, you must be confused of City, or else. But thanks in advanced for the excentric invitation if there is no kind of confusion.

Your dinner seems great, I love Brazil and in fact a good friend of mine is brazlian and I learned portuguese with him. I won´t go to your party all though, because it seems weird. I am very honest with you, but a girl is not crossing the entire provice to go to a Brazilian party of people that all though they are COUCH SURFERS are not making a formal or normal request, some thing that is not created as an event, all though it must be a very intersting one, sorry for being paranoid, must be my colombian background.

Have a beautifull day Cristiano, and good luck with your studies.

Muita obrigada por sua invitaciao.

from Cristiano Angelis (Lagos, Faro, Portugal)

sent April 12th, 2011 – 8:15 pm
Hello Ana,
How are you?

I am going to Ourense with a Professor tomorrow at 1030am. Before going to Ourense we go to a Conference in Laias. I will arrive in the lunchtime in Ourense.

do you have plans for the afternoon? How about a coffee?

What is your phone?

WE HAVE TO STOP THIS RAPIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After this last request I never replied to him again.

Let’s keep on writing guys, thanks to google algoritm dave’s page it already appears as 4th result in case someone will type professor cristiano de angelis…reputation of this scumbag will be on the web forever! keep on writing everywhere the keywords cristiano de angelis, professor, rapist etc

He was also in Siem Reap forcing a lady for couch even if she had declined him on couchsurfing here’s a link

I think this ‘Cristiano’ guy should be reported to Interpol, honestly. I’d imagine they’d have more power over this matter than the local police stations of Japan/Malaysia/Singapore etc.

I hope someone catches this guy. Or that he gets hit by a bus.

The problem is this kind of guy are usually good looking and could easily pick up girls from pub, bar etc and all the attention he get from girls from these bar and pub gave me the okay to be rude. Now this guy wanted some adventure and he is picking up girls elsewhere with all the confident he learnt from the pub he thinks every girls love him. Yeah the girls might also needed to be blamed because they all thought he is cute and they let me advanced before it’s too late and usually these girls reject those honest suitor that does not look as look. There are too many of these “Cristiano” guy around always waiting around to take any victim. Girls need to be told – you will never trust a good looking guy(or anyone) or put yourself in harm-way because this guy thought you like them and they are taught to act rude and they thought you love it like that ! Sometimes they kill if you rejected them .. Just stay out of harm way. be smart ….please
Michael Mok

lol delete my comments mate i dont care .. my point was clear..of course i don’t support rape i just highlighting that many people r Using cs to get laid males and females.. otherwise u r living in denial !

I meet Cristiano and he is not this kind of person. In fact, there are many other fuckers at CS that fucked you in many other different ways. I wish Dave haven’t delete the messages from this blog that my friends left since all this story started. Indeed I know 4 people – all female – and I called them after I read this to ask what their opinion was. None of them has a badopinion about this guy. One of them even left her daugther with him while she went out. There is nothing similiar to this happening with any other of us. That all we can say. One of them wrote in this blog and her comment wass deleted. So please be correct and listen other opnions without judging immediatly.

@sissi: I have not deleted a single comment from this post (except some very offensive/spammy ones that had nothing to do with the conversation). Nobody but Raquel and you posted in support of his character. And I have contacted both you and “Raquel” by email in order to give you a chance to prove your identity (in private, if you so desire). You have not replied to my email.

I am honestly starting to doubt that you are even who you claim you are.

Incidentally, it does not matter how many people he did not mistreat, there is a growing number of people who have come forward with strong testimonies of his inappropriate behaviour. Feel free to go check the list there:

Ana, it is interesting he told you he was doing a PhD in Knowledge Management (I don’t know what exactly he meant by that, on Padova’s website the PhD is called

Engineering and Management. He told you he switched course (I don’t know how this works, I am a PhD myself and the procedure is usually more complex but I may be wrong).

On his website he claimed to be doing a PhD in Padova (Dottorato di Ricerca in Ing. Gestionale ed Estimo – Università degli Studi di Padova from his website) but I couldn’t find his name on this list: (everybody who did a PhD in that sector and already graduated)

And I couldn’t find him on the lists of current PhD:

I wrote an email to his supervisor, simply asking if it is true he is associated (or was associated) with the University of Padova, I’ll let you know the answer.

I looked for his name on the Minho University website, but I couldn’t find him. Maybe someone who speaks Portoguese can check the website?

I couldn’t find the Department of Information Science here:

I couldn’t find him among the PhD in the Economics Department:

Or in the Information Systems Department:

Maybe someone speaking Portoguese can find his info. At this point it can be useful to understand how much of what he said is true.
V for vendetta

This is the community of his city in Brazil.

His is from Porto Alegre, but his informations are from Brasília because it is where he works.

I am brazilian and can speak english.

If you need any help, contact me.


This is really the first time I’ve ever-heard of CS. My question is hasn’t anyone ever thought that this could be dangerous? I don’t know. I mean it’s nice that people try to help others. It’s just that I think this is very dangerous. While there is trust, there must be a lot of caution, too. How come nobody sees this as a potential crime-magnet? Please, people, do be careful. You never really know who you let into your home.

To Cristiano, I don’t want to judge you but it seems there are more information popping up that are against you and frankly, they are quite disturbing. If I were you and I cared about my reputation especially if the allegations were not true, I WOULD be disturbed by all these. Anyway, rude behavior or not, it does not immediately translate to being a rapist. So, if I were you, to be able to put a stop to this, I’d just go back to Japan and prove my innocence. Would you rather that this go on when you have all the means to prove others wrong?

Why M didn’t report it immediately does not prove she’s lying. Any real PhD-holder, regardless of what field, would be intelligent enough to know by now that people react differently to different things, that rape isn’t just some thing that women can divulge in the open especially in strict cultures like Japan, that any rape victim cannot simply report such incidence for fear of humiliation, neglect, and even getting the blame instead. Lack of precautions aside, rape is rape, and no one should take advantage of such lack.

Cristiano, the more that you refuse to face your accusers, the more people will think that you really actually raped M. and did those other things in other countries. This is not just a matter of not caring what others think of you. We’re now talking about the law and women’s rights. Frankly, your rebuttals have been less than believable. Get a lawyer, if you must, but face this. Guys always put much emphasis on “being a man,” like “being a woman” is less impressive, but for the sake of this issue, come on, be a MAN!!! Be your NAME!!!! Christian, angels! What do they really really mean to you?

Honestly, my impression right now is you are an extremely disturbed individual.

To Alex, okay, you made your point. You do not advocate rape. But can you kindly tell us the relevance of what you said about people just wanting to get laid. True or not, I DO NOT see the relevance of this in the issue and the only “relevance” I’m seeing is you implying that M. wanted it in the first place. What was your INTENTION of posting such a thing, I want to know. Because if I were part of CS, getting laid wouldn’t be MY agendum. Is it yours? Wow, lucky you, you get laid a lot.

To ALL: While most do want to get back at him, and understandably so, there is still a thing called privacy. His family, professors, friends and colleagues who had nothing to do with what he did or did not do do not need to be contacted by you. That can be called harassment. His family, mostly, does not need this. If we cannot respect the man, let us respect his family especially his children. They do not deserve to be tormented like criminals themselves.

Posting private details that could hurt others rather than just him should not be done either. Besides, have you checked FB lately? I don’t know how many of those Cristiano De Angelis accounts are his, but I saw many and it wouldn’t be fair to the others to be mistakenly branded by people who maybe stupid enough to think that anyone bearing that name is him already. Fro instance, there was a recent crime here and someone bearing the same name as that of one of the suspects got a lot of hateful, undeserved comments, even threats maybe, and who knows if anyone thought of making true those threats?

That said, I do wish M is doing well.

I know Cristiano for several years and I’m sure he didn’t do anything wrong.

The way I read in this blog and in the posts in CS it seems just one word against the other, with no evidences, only accusations thrown into the air.

If we compare, a ticket that disappeared, with only two people in the apartment, is actually more than accusing someone of rape without any evidence, either physical or verbal.

I haven’t seen any concrete evidence and the two negative references he received in Asia, it could be a cultural shock or difference.

I hope that the people who are being fed via CS, in which Cristiano cannot defend himself because he doesn’t want to be part of it anymore, shouldn’t jump to conclusions and take a side without examining the facts.

@Gracie: couldn’t say it better. All of it.

One small note: “our” Cristiano did have a Facebook page (the one linked in my article). But he has deleted it since then (such a striking proof of innocence, when accused of something). All other profiles are of course unrelated people and I have done my best to ensure they are left alone.

@mike: your support is duly noted.

But please note that it is not one word against another… By now, it is also the word of six other people against his:

And please note that every single of these testimonies is backed by a real name and a valid CS profile, unlike your comment, which is little more than anonymous.

Finally: Cristiano cannot “defend himself” on CS, but that’s not because “he doesn’t want to be part of it anymore”, that’s because he repeatedly deleted his profiles after each of the people above posted strongly negative reviews denouncing his unacceptable behaviour.

Firstly a dominant delusion across the world is “in foreign countries life is like a porno movie”

so the general CS approach of females should be aware that always be that

– “all guys are potential rapists,

– it is not safe to assume that a guy is not bad,

– act with caution at all times”

– Get it out of your mind that you can spot a “rapist/ sexual predator profile” and everyone else is OK

PROPER CHANNELS : Right now to what you guys are doing –

I understand, but please don’t spam many CSgroups I got a post today – It was the wrong group and also it is out of date

There is no point in this kind of vigilante approach ..such things should be better done through the proper CS channels not by amateurs ..(unless you are absolutely sure the CS safety staff are not working properly which case you should make it a priority to fix this)

You cannot prevent past abuse you can only prevent FUTURE ABUSE

– chasing one known “bad guy” is not a 100% solution cos there are thousands of unknown bad guys in CS cos CS represents the general population.

So it’s about providing the enviroment where potentials don’t turn into realities

This is done by :

– the general CS security set up

– the open comunication and the cultural eduation that the CS experience provides to overcome delusions like “in foreign countries life is like a porno movie”

– Showing potential attackers that there is a good chance they won’t get away with it, is only part of this

– BTW In business both parties can be winners, in crime both parties can be losers.

I’m inclined to have sympathy for abusers, not everyone in the world grows up in the best enviroment and it is a common trait of sexual offenders that they have been abused themselves. Respect to those who break this cycle themselves, but others need help. The solution is not locking people up in prison, but rather providing correct care & treatments hopefully before they abuse anyone.

Stew Green

sorry I need to add

– Procedures are important for many reasons..e.g. many victims will not report abuse cos they the fuss it brings will bring them shame, but they are wrong in this cos it can be handled sensitively.

– Respect to victims also we are your friends and will help you conquer the pain. Be strong don’t feel ashamed it is the abuser who has all the shame. You wouldn’t want the same thing to happen to someone else so please ALWAYS REPORT and as quick as you can.

bye Stew
Stew Green

Christiano, fait bien gaffe à toi à Paris. C’est pas une ville très sure.

That’s a shame to all CS community and all humanity.let’s fight those bad people who kill a trust.sorry for that innocent CS.But soon or late he will be arrested
Ngendandumwe William

“I searched for a lawyer, because I do not know how to act in these situations. I forgive the people who judge me because I know how they think, but people who crossed the line, creating this blog and contacting my supervisor, my job and family, must answer for their reckless acts that are causing me moral damages.”

– I met you and I believe everything of what is said against you. I have another friend (in Algarve) who you troubled so much, that she had to ask you not to call her again. And stop saying to women that you will make them your wife. If I meet you here in Portugal, I will hit you hard enough until you confess what you have done. (yes, interrogation- third world style)

Nice work Dave, wish we met while I was still in Japan. Cheers and free beers to you if I can return this year. Keep up the good work and goog luck in resolving this issue. I also had a couch surfing friend experience such a situation.

Take care,


I searched for his profile in this Brazilian database for Academic CV’s; I found his name, and by the profile picture, it really is him:

Supposing that it is his real identity, just an information to make matters worse: According to the information available on his profile, the guy is on a paid leave, since 2010. Which means he is using taxpayers’ money to go out on a crime spree around the world.

thanks for sharing. don’t care if it’s confrontational and i would most definitely want to lynch him. and i don’t believe in sympathy no matter what kind of a hellhole these complete piles of crap grew up in. some people are simply broken.


I think I’ve found his twitter account, and maybe it can help tracking him down.

[twitter account URL removed: I don’t think it’s him and do not want to risk bothering an innocent. There are many C. De Angelis out there. — Dave]

So sorry for everything.

I’m really saddened to hear this story, I have had such great experiences with CS so far!

It’s even worse knowing that this guy has studied in my home town (Florianópolis) in UFSC, and I think even taught there!

The people from São Paulo have put up a post about him and I’m not sure about in Florianopolis yet, but I have warned some CS buddies from there too.

I really wish that if he was innocent as he says, he’d go to Japan and straighten it out, as now, he’ll have to pay the price of a bad reputation online wherever he goes.

All my heart goes out to you M. Hope you can get over this awful incident!

Hello Dave,

I wanted to support all this effort you have done for your friend. I completely understand the position of your friend, since a few years ago I was also a victim of rape (not within the CS community, but while travelling). To all the people that has complained about being bothered by reminders or messages in CS, I just simply have to tell them that this is the only way to make this horrible person to pay and punish him for what he has done.

I hope none of you will feel the impotence mixed with guilt, rage, frustration, and on top of that the fear that you might have cought something like HIV, and have to wait three or more months to take the test. This is a little bit how I felt, so do not write here saying “oh please there should be a more appropriate way to do this, or it’s not fair you are spaming” because there is nothing fair or appropiate in what this despicable person did to Dave’s friend. If he’s innocent then he should proove it, but his behavior and other testimony puts him in evidence.

Keep informing and creating more connections to follow this son of a gun.
Another indignant Couchsurfer

For what it matters, I want to say that I have known Cristiano for more than 12 years, and calling him a rapist just does not make sense to me or to everyone else who knows him personally. I think this train ticked issue might have escalated without proportion to this point of accusing him of such a demeaning thing. Before making these outrageous accusations, think about all the cultural nuances that might have taken place here; When you think about Brazil, what comes to mind first? Carnaval, sensuality and nice beaches, right! So being forward and open about sex is inherent to a young and single person from down here. Now, that does not excuse any wrongdoing, but again, knowing Cristiano for such a long time, I can only think of a culture shock aggravated by a missing train ticked.

@marina: thanks for your testimony (though, just like with anybody who has commented on knowing him personally or having met him, I would encourage you to post with some manner of identifying information: anonymous claims, one direction or the other, are just too easy to make and do not carry much value in such a story).

Your experience is duly noted, but as I’ve said before, it does not weigh much against the many negative testimonies that have come out from his hosts through Asia: even complete assholes can be nice to their friends and family, even monsters have a mother who loves them. What counts is how they behave when they think nobody is watching. History is littered with “perfect gentlemen” that behaved like savages, as soon as they were a few 1000s kilometres from home.

As for your assertion of “cultural misunderstanding”… I don’t know where to start.

In what culture is sexual assault and rape a matter of misunderstanding?!?

Please go read the testimonies of all the people who had the bad luck to host Cristiano and tell me if these are behaviours that “young and single persons down here” engage in.

I have many Brazilian friends, and not a single one of them would ever think of behaving in such a way. We are all very “open about sex” and have absolutely no problem with it, but there is a world of difference between flirting and harassing (not to mention assaulting), made even worse when the recipient of that unwanted attention has opened her home to you and has no way of escaping your aggressive sexual behaviour.

I strongly refuse to hear any argument to his defense based on “cultural differences”. Being a decent human being is not a matter of culture. Trying to blame his behaviour on Brazilian (or any other) culture is thoroughly unfair to the millions Brazilians who interact with other cultures all the time without any such problems.

I agree with Dave. No such injustice or gross misconduct is aggravated from a stolen train ticket or ‘culture shock’. If I lose something in my own home (like a train ticket), my first thought would not be blaming my housemates no matter what. Something like a train ticket could have slipped off, or just misplaced. Sorry if I’m being judgmental here, but he has to be INSANE or just plain STUPID to blame such a small story like that on an unsuspecting host. My first impression of him, unfortunately, is also crazy/psycho/pervert (the way he looked at me and my housemates when he talked) and just plain stupid.

If you personally know Cristiano, Marina, could you prove that he would be a ‘real professor’ with whatever intelligence/character/personality that he currently possess? I’ve friends who are doing their PhD and they simply do not keep showing me their Power Point Presentations which absolutely had nothing to do with his book. A Professor would not make sweeping generalizations like Thailand is dirty and the Thais have no energy because they stay all day in the temple to pray? I mean, who says things like that? A traveller wouldn’t, and he’s supposed to be a Professor? He was supposed to meet a Malaysian Professor the next day, (he claimed so after we picked him up in the morning) but at night, we asked him again if he was supposed to call the Professor for an appointment, he looked at us blankly, “What Professor?”

He made me take him around the city of Kuala Lumpur without him having ANY knowledge of the city at all. Fair enough, if he’s just an ignorant tourist, but a travelling Professor who goes around the world (50 countries in 2 years in his words) to meet up with his fellow colleagues, he didn’t even know about the infamous Petronas Twin Towers when he saw it loomed in front of him! He asked me instead, rather puzzledly and said, “Why are we here? Oh, is it because you wanted to show me Citibank? Yes, I also use Citibank in Brazil!”

When we talked, he had no interest in knowing the place or surrounding. He only cared about asking me to dump my boyfriend and saying that he’d marry me instead.I was only too polite to just say that won’t be possible and his reply was, “Just you wait and see. I see you have First Lady qualities. And oh, I can’t believe you speak Italian. You have to speak with my dad!!” When asked why, he said, “Because I believe you could be the first lady.” Now Marina, knowing Cristiano, did you know that he’ll be running to be a President this year or was it next? He further added that, “He could kiss me for 30 minutes continuously while for some girls like my housemate, he could only kiss for 1 minute.” All these within the first hour of meeting him.

He knew no geography nor history nor anything other than Knowledge Management which he kept showing me the presentation on his Ipad. His book certainly had NOTHING to do with his thesis. His idea of exchanging energy could be related to sex? I don’t want to know.

If he IS a PROFESSOR (same goes for the story of the yacht that he intends to purchase in order to sail from France to Brazil, and of the gigantic mansion that he built with his own hands in Florianopolis), then he wouldn’t have madly, deludedly, think that just because Asian women are polite and meek and usually smiling despite the uncomfortable situation, doesn’t mean that he could mistake it as ‘mutual attraction, interest and so on’.

I have plenty of single Brazilian/Italian friends but no, they do not behave like Cristiano at all.

what a dangerous character. i put up a hunt for him on my own site as well – he brought great shame to the CS name.

i hope everyone could combine to use social media to track down this bastard.

To: Cristiano De Angelis (or whoever your name is, coz I DON’T believe anything about you)

Defense yourself and prove your innocense by going back to Japan immediately. PERIOD

@ Dave: I’m in just in case u start collecting fund to pay “The Professor” ticket to Japan

@ “The Professor” defenders: Please include your website or email or couchsurfing link, etc so that we can see you as “you said who you are”

This is horrifying. I have been spreading the news in the online community in Singapore. Quite a few of my friends in Kuala Lumpur have met him.

Will check back here for any info.

Also, here’s an online ‘challenge’ to track Cristiano down, started by some enterprising concerned Singaporeans.

Guys , Guys !

Is it just me or there is something just wrong here !

After reading the Warning from a CS Group that I am part of I have entered here to read about the story. Of course like every of you at the beginning I was very shocked about the news of the rapist. After reading carefully your article , the testimony and also Claudio’s responses I analyzed and reached to the idea that it wasn’t actually a rape. As he stated there was a mutual attraction at the beginning, this comes to the point that she didn’t sent him to the police in the first place and didn’t even after you told her to do it, because it wasn’t actually a rape..

I believe that if he didn’t made the mistake to pick on her about that ticket everything would have been ok and they would have continued talking on FB or Skype as friends afterwards. I think all this is degenerating a bit with contacting the bosses and family or so..

I really do not know this guy , but if it resumes just to this I would say that it’s not the rapist.. but then again after reading all the comments that other hosts had to say about him I have to say he has an inclination to put himself into trouble. About the rudeness I don’t support it and I would have kicked him out the first place he would have done it with me.

I hope the truth comes out !


I don’t know where you got that “mutual attraction” from Cristiano’s gibberish defense. In fact, Mr. De Angelis was as bold as to claim there was no sex at all, consensual or otherwise. Which makes his bizarre claim that she gave him a “kiss […] with all the tranquility and consent”, even more outlandish: anybody who knows anything about Japanese culture (Mr. De Angelis obviously doesn’t) would know that Japanese people never even kiss their own friends or family members…

Anyway, no need to argue about the credibility of his ridiculous-sounding defense (which I have very gladly left in the comments to this blog, for everybody to read and judge for themselves), how about reading what 6 other people, all unrelated to each other and unaware at the time of his past history, had to write about him:

To everybody else:

Because the main story has now moved to this much more complete and multi-sourced new article, and too many people are commenting here without reading the full story, I am closing the comments on this entry. Feel free to comment on the other one if you have anything to share.