Follow Cristiano De Angelis’ trail of abuse and deception throughout Asia

[Editor note: The following content is reproduced from a now deleted website, for archival purposes, without authorization from its original author, and is covered under the fair use doctrine in the relevant jurisdiction.]

My previous post and the publicity around the name of Cristiano De Angelis have uncovered a staggering number of testimonials from people throughout Asia. All of whom without exception had negative (sometimes very negative) things to say about the man and his behaviour ((As an aside, the fact that he was able to so easily slip from one person to the next and leave such a trail of universally negative experiences, without anybody successfully connecting the dots until now, raises some serious question about the safety mechanisms built into Couchsurfing.)).

To clearly show that my friend’s incident in Kyoto is not an isolated claim, I have taken the liberty to gather all sourced testimonials posted on CS threads or in the comments to my original blog post, and copy them below in chronological order. People (understandably) concerned about the credibility of my sole voice may want to look through these: while they may not fall under criminal law, they all paint an unambiguously negative portrait of a rude, untrustworthy, sexually aggressive and deceitful individual.

There is also a clear evolution: as he gets farther from home (and, presumably, from people who may recognise him and report his behaviour to his friends and family), Mr. De Angelis becomes increasingly rude and aggressive in his encounters.

Every single quote comes with a link to the source and to the poster’s public Couchsurfing profile (every single one of them have themselves flawless profiles, sometimes totaling hundreds of positive reviews from visitors):

#1 – Faro, Portugal, mid-2011

I met this strange “person” same months ago in one meeting at Artistas as well.
I remember my sister was with me and said this guy started have a sexual conversation with her. Of course i spoke with the guy and he stop. But was not nice and bad example for my sister start hearing about couchsurfinf..

#2 – Bangkok, Thailand, late 2011

I hosted him one night in Bangkok and I had my first negative experience hosting this guy. His profile looked good with a lot of references. I felt uneasy the very first minute I met him but I tried to tell myself that i thought too much cus my previous CSer was terrific.

Luckily that nothing “that far” happened to me and you know what I did. He tried to talk sexually topic with me and i felt very uncomfortable. I had to tell him I am homosexual and not interested in guys!!! I didnt know what to do so I thought that might turn him off. I was alert the whole night cus I didnt trust him. He used my computer and Internet a lot, talked very loud on skype, made a mess in my apartment and bathroom. He also complained about the a/c, mattress and the floor. I wrote it clearly that I can only provide floor space and mattress and in the middle of the night he asked to sleep in the bed with me which of course I strongly said no.

After he left, talked to few friends that I was going to leave a negative comment for him. Before doing that, I wrote to two people in Europe who hosted him and left negative comment. They shared with me the bad experience. But the two hosts were men. So the experience was something about his rudeness and srtangeness. I then left him a negative comment. Later he must have seen the comment I left, he had been trying to call me day and night but I didn’t answer his phone because I did not want to speak with him. I assumed that he would ask me to change the comment as he did to one host in Germany. This host left him a negative comment and he called him asking him to change it which he refused. After that day & night with many calls from Cristiano, the net few days, I found that his profile with a lot of references was deleted.


For the ignorance of being a good couch surfer like helping keep the place clean, respecting your host, taking care of your own bill and etc., I could try to deal with these things because people are raised differently but the only thing I feel that it is insecure and agaisnt the morality is that it concerns sexual harrasment. I did not like when this person tried to talk to me about the sexual topic and I had to try to change the subject. The funny thing was I felt something not right about it and I had to say that I am homosexual and not interested in men. I mentioned that more that one time because he was not certain if I meant it. During the night, he compained about the mattress and the floor that it was too hard for him to sleep (I put my couch condition in my profile. He should know what he can expect before sending me a resquest and shoul not complain about something you know in advance.) and then asked if he could sleep in the bed with me. Of course i firmly said no and it sounds like I had a cold hard leaving him sleep in a bad condition. I could not sleep the whole night. I thought about asking him to leave immediately at 3 am in the morning which I am sure some of you might support me doing this but let me tell you why I did not do it. I thought that if i made him angry or whatsoever, what harm might come to me? I was alone in my place in the middle of the night, and I took him into my place.

After he left, I talked to some friends on CS, and even wrote to two people who left negative comments asking for the experience they had with him. My friends encouraged me to leave a negative comment and I eventually did it. I thought well before I did it. Before accepting to host him, I read his profile and saw that most of the comments were positive. Thats why I hosted him. However, after seeing the negative comment I left, he called me so many times, all day and night. I did not answer because I knew what he would ask me and I did not want to talk to him anymore. One of his hosts who left a negative comment told me that he got a call from this person asking him to change the comment. Few days later, I found out that his profile was deleted.

Mandy Itthikaiwan [original post 1] [post 2]

#3 – Siem Reap, Cambodia, October 2011

Ohmygoodness! He sent me a couch request, and had I not been hosting someone else at the same time, I probably would have hosted him! We met for dinner one night, thankfully with a third person, and both of us were really put off by his arrogance, his racial comments (which he claimed were based on his extensive research funded by various governments), and his general demeanor. He had been in town for most of the day, but had not found a hotel and was still carrying around his bags that night. He asked again to surf with me, even though I had already clearly declined. Despite his being very rude and offensive, I am surprised that he would go so far as to assault another person. Despicable.

Linda Te [original post]

#4 – Kyoto, Japan – late December 2011

Masato Miki dealt with Cristiano De Angelis and very reluctantly hosted him. He blogged about it (in Japanese) at the time and described in great details how rude, pushy and unpleasant Mr. De Angelis was (I will try to post an exact translation of his posts later on).

#5 – Kyoto, Japan – late December 2011

Cristiano De Angelis sexually assaulted my friend M., as detailed in this post. For obvious reasons, M. wants to remain anonymous (but she does have a public CS profile and has hosted or met dozens of Couchsurfers without a single issue ever). Feel free to peruse my own public profile, instead.
Here is a copy of one of the first message she sent me, shortly after the encounter, when I noticed she seemed upset and inquired over Facebook about whether anything had happened with her Couchsurfing guest (I, and other friends, met with her in person shortly afterward, where she further confirmed the exact nature of the assault):

First of all, he came to Kyoto one day earlier as I said and called me many many times which annoyed me so much.
Because I was working all day long, I couldn’t answer his phone call and also it was from someone else, not him, who called me.
When I was back home, I wrote a message to him about the place and time to meet up.
On the next day, I was working all day long too. I got many phone calls again during I was working and annoyed me again.
then, when I was going to the meeting point, I got another call by stranger’s mobile. I said I was coming but he was shouting to ask when I would be there. It was big stress after my work because of his loud and angry voice.
I met him and brought him to home. After a while, we went out to my friend’s party and enjoyed the time there.
After we went home, I put FUTON for him on the floor and I went to my bed to sleep. All of sudden, he came into my bed. I refused it so many times, but he didn’t go out. Besides, he forced me to have sex with me although I refused it so many times too.
You know, with man’s power, women can’t do anything.
Also when I was sleeping, he undressed me and I think he took some picture because I remember the sound of camera when I wake up.
Next morning, I said to him to leave my place as soon as possible. but he was saying some thing to stay at my place. I was hurrying for work and left before him but he said he would also leave in 10 min.
After my work, it was around 23:00, he was still at my place.
I asked the reason why he was still there. He said he lost his ticket to go to Tokyo and thought I might have had one. but it was impossible to have it with me because I only saw it for like 10 seconds and returned it to him. I think it was just an excuse to keep staying at my place.
In anyway, I asked him to leave from my place because now it was clear that I didn’t have his ticket.
but he refused it and asked me to stay here on that night too.
He said he prepared dinner and wine for me although there weren’t dinner nor wine after I looked around my room and knew it was all lie and excuse.
He kept saying all excuse he could think of, but I didn’t want to hear it and asked him to leave as soon as possible.
Then he took his things and left, but just before he left, he asked me not to write any negative reference.
I refused it of course because he deserves to get negative reference.
I put it on his page and he also wrote negative referent to me too. It’s so disgusting because I didn’t do anything wrong.
Now he deleted his profile page and I think he will create another one soon.
That’s all what happened to me

#6 – Tokyo, Japan, January 2012

I just had the nightmare couch surfing of my life!
This guy asked me to host for a night and supposed to leave in the next day but never left. I trusted him and gave him the keys of my place. I arrived home after the third night and discovered he brought some girl he found in the street to to have sex in my place. He also offered the champagne he found in my refrigerator to serve to this girl. Also never brought back home a fruit or a piece of bread. Used all my toiletry products, Just lived like it was his own house. Complained about my sofa bed was too hard, the air conditioner was not in the temperature he liked, my pillows was too soft. He don’t drink tap water and empty my mineral water container and my wifi signal was not that good. When i asked to he leave my place at 4am in the morning he ridiculously asked me he could stay till morning and offered me US$10 ! to pay for everything. Totally selfish and no sense. I will think twice before host anyone from couch surfing again, The Park Hyatt and the Hilton is just at the corner!

He’s just deleted his profile! Shameless
Anderson Katayama [original post]

#7 – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – January 2012

I actually hosted this guy for a night with my two other housemates and yes, we can actually attest to what was written with him being delusional and eccentric and incredibly strange and sometimes rude. Thankfully, I’ve spoke to Abbey (Ambassador of KL) after Cristiano deleted his profile and I was highly suspicious of him but without any real evidence that this guy is a sociopath.

He didn’t try anything on me or on my housemates though he did mention that he’d marry me someday when he becomes the President of Brazil. We were already very suspicious and didn’t leave him alone at home or anything. We slept with our doors closed.

Ying Tey [original post]

There are about 4-5 more testimonials (including 2 positive/neutral ones) that were posted in the comments to my original post. However none of them provided any identifying information or way to verify their accuracy. I have contacted their respective authors by emails. I will update this list if/when confirmation comes in (or if any other story surfaces, which wouldn’t surprise me at this point).

PS: while all the testimonials above have been copied without the slightest alteration, their presence in this post does not in any way imply that their authors necessarily condone the full content of my original post and the strong wording of my accusation. I alone take full responsibility for the claim of criminal conduct by Cristiano De Angelis that I outlined in it.

Update (01/18/2012):

Because this is just too incredible to let it stay buried in the comments, allow me to quote Mr. Cristiano De Angelis himself, ostensibly defending his behaviour in Kyoto:

Ok then that is enough. Let say all then (did not want say it before because I am a gentleman) because I am starting to be fed up with this story and with all of you that behave like little children and maybe you jealous of me.

1)She really liked me from the beginning and she asked me to go to bed with her!
She said never had a brazilian boyfriend and she knows brazilian are latin lover and powerful sex machine and could not sleep with me in another room because was thinking all the time about me. Keep in mind I am also young and quite attractive so that drove her crazy. So i did make her happy and did not to be unpolite and say not to a girl!
Do not know what happened in the morning in her mind, maybe she felt ashmed and so took my train thicket to make me feel guilty of something … maybe to make me feel guilty that I am so attractive??
2)Now,how many of you had a host or has been hosted by someone you felt attractive and had a night stand? I think more or less all of you, couchsuring is real life like meeting someone out, sometimes you feel attraction with someone and lot of people want and go for it but in the following morning maybe they feel hembarassed because in their culture is not cummon to behave like that. One day when I will go back to Japan ( and I will because I like Japanaise girl), I am sure she will host me again because I sow into her eyes from the fist minute how much she was attracted by my phisical appareance. I know all the girls usually act like that…

Cristiano de Angelis [original comment] [Logged IP: (Rome, Italy)]

With such a defense, who needs accusers?

Update (01/19/2012):

#8 – Faro, Portugal – August 2011

Ele e horrivel!!! Nunca mais!!!

He has lack of manners and verrrrrry rude attitude. Arrogante!
Fortunatelly, I Did’t have sexual problem with him.

Ele nao me falou,a mas parecia querer ficar mais umas noites no meu lugar. No dia que ele teve de sair(eu falei pra ele que teve que sair e ele nao pode ficar mais commigo.), as todas coisas deles estava deixadas no meu quarto quando eu voltei a tarde.
Mas consegui mandar ele fora do meu lugar, mas tive uma experiencia ruim.
Puta que pariu. E ele!

Another more thing I want to say, he used my room very dirty.
He is very weired person. I’ve never met a arrogant person like him. I think he doesn’t have any respect for other people or country. He always talked loudlly bad things about Portugal in Faro.
He just abuse CS.

Kaori Takegami (via email)

Translation of the Portuguese text (by Prabal):

He is horrible, never again
He told me no, but seemed to want to stay a few more nights at my place.On the day he had to leave (I told him I had to leave and he can not stay with me more.)- All the things one was left in my room when I came back that afternoon.
But I managed to send him out of my place, but I had a bad experience.
God damn it. And him!

Update 01/23/2012:

As mentioned above, Mr. De Angelis is well aware of the existence of these accusations and this post (in fact, my logs show that he obsessively checks this blog for updates and comments). Recently, he posted in a few places (this blog included) a list of alleged positive references from his previous Couchsurfing profiles (that he had himself deleted), revealing information that only he had access to, with the nice side-effect of unambiguously proving that he is, indeed, the author of those other comments.

If there is one thing that has become clear from this story (and the dozen testimonials above), it would be that Mr. De Angelis’ word should not be taken at face value. I sent each Couchsurfer a short note, trying to give only few details on the story so as to not unduly bias their opinion, while imparting a sense that a quick and truthful reply was important. I was only mildly surprised when the replies started coming back:

So far, nine of the people listed in his positive references replied to my message. All these people have well-established CS profiles, with many positive references from unrelated parties and I have no reason to doubt their word.

Out of these nine, one person (Ricardo) unreservedly vouched for his character based on his longstanding relationship with him (in fact, they have been in close contact ever since all this broke out). Four other (Radostina, Leo, Mariana and Anita [who does not want her CS profile disclosed]) stated that the reference was accurate, that they had met him (however briefly or long ago) and that he had behaved in a polite and unremarkable way with them.

Unlike negative testimonials, I am not quoting the above five people’s “non-negative” messages for one major reason (beside trying to keep the length of this post manageable): I absolutely refuse to acknowledge Mr. De Angelis’s twisted arithmetic of character references, where one can offset a few deeply negative references by some positive ones. This is not how things work: being a halfway-decent human being some time, does not allow one to behave like a scumbag the rest of the time. What your mum or best friend has to say about you when you are on your best behaviour is not relevant: it is what you do to people when you think nobody is watching, that matters. At any rate, all these positive references are widely available (here for example), since Mr. De Angelis has made them the central element of his defense.

More importantly, here is what the remaining four had to say about their “positive” reference and Cristiano De Angelis:

Mochan wrote:









(I will post a translation later: the gist of it is that Cristiano wasn’t exactly forthcoming in presenting Mochan’s “positive” review)

Aron wrote:

I hosted him despite two negative references which appeared pretty harmless and I felt that otherwise he seemed to fit the other descriptions that people had left of him. He was a nice guy and filled with what I would consider ‘positive’ energy, however in hindsight he was acting a little inappropriate around my 22 year old female cousin who I was also hosting at the time. He was charming enough and didn’t cross what I would have considered ‘the line’ but he definitely made her uncomfortable a few times and at one point came into my bedroom where she was sleeping and got into bed with her and tried to kiss her. At the time I just considered this a cultural misunderstanding as I know that people from southern Europe and South America are a bit more persistent with women so it didn’t really bother me but, at the same time, having met the guy myself I could see how the right circumstances and cultural differences could certainly have caused an inappropriate situation as he is definitely a bit pushy. Ultimately however, I’m quite surprised by the accusation and don’t think that he is a ‘bad person’ but I suppose I could be wrong.

Flavio wrote:

I just read your blog in regards of Cristiano De Angelis.
I felt shocked because I met him more that once and I hosted him one time before having a fight with him. I am shocked because I hosted him in february 2011 and despite he deserved a negative reference I didn’t gave him.
My brief account:
1)I met him during a cultural walk of Venice and I noticed him annoying women because he asked them to go out having a drink with them after 10 minutes he met them, and I suggested that was not the right behaviour since he would not have got have chance of getting to know a girl having such a wild approach.
2) I met him during a drink organized by couchsurfers in Venice, nothing to say, he seemed just proud of his country and mocking others.
3) After he wrote me many times, I allowed him to be host at my place in Venice one night in February 2011 during the carneval.
I told him he needed to leave before 15 next day because I was expecting 4 friend for the big celebration. We went to a party the night before and he forced a girl to kiss him (she was drunk) and them she left. Nothing happened then. Next day he begged me to leave him my keys and I gave them to him on the condition to be given back before 17 pm because I had a big celebration and dinner with my frinds (it was the best day of carnival, they were coming from far awat). He met with a girl he knew and begged me to allow him to come to my place once he had persuaded her to stay.
I am a very direct person and I told him that he needed to give me my keys before 18 otherwise I would have thrown him into a canal (I spent all day with my friends). I had to wait until 21, calling him 20 times and threatened him again and again for meeting him and having my keys back. His plan was to bring that girl to my place, he begged me many many times to give him the chance to stay alone with her. I heard months after that he managed to take that girl to another couchsrfing’s home and have sex with her, because he wrote that he was worried that his availability helped him to get her.
Actually I never left him any positive reference. I should have given him a negative when he behaved in a way I found unacceptable.
I yelled at him and told him never ever to try to contact me again,
but no negative reference.

Yes you can quote my words and link my profile, no problem. Some things are simply more important than privacy.

Julie wrote:

Although I can’t say I’m not fully surprised at Cristiano’s questionable behavior, I did write that review. In truth I would never host him again, and maybe should have been more honest about that. So no, it didn’t reflect my true feelings. I’m sorry. It sounds bad now, but I guess I just didn’t want to hurt his feelings. He didn’t do anything “wrong” that I can put my finger on, but I got an unsettling feeling from his presence. It’s nothing I could really describe in a review anyways, I guess. He was just intense and abrasive and it was difficult communicating with him about the exact duration of his stay (I planned on one night and he ended on staying two). I was curious as to why he deleted his profile. . . I hope that helps! Sorry for not being more honest with the review. I just don’t know how to put into words why it was an uncomfortable experience. I vow to write honest reviews from now on. It’s important for the community. I’m sorry again for not being truthful. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

There you have it. All these “positive” reviews that Cristiano De Angelis is currently flaunting around, as if they somehow cancelled the barrage of negative testimonials…

Update 06/18/2012:

Although I have generally stopped updating this page with each new communication I receive about him, Cristiano de Angelis is still very much alive and hasn’t given up on harassing females, the world around.
I get on average two to three emails a month, from women he approached with more or less forcefulness, usually trying to get them to stay at his house with crazy stories of his accomplishments in Brazil and pictures of his “family”. So much so, that his would-be victims end up googling his name and find this page.

From the look of it, he is operating from the south of France (Marseilles), but is not past travelling to other parts of Europe to harass random women (also spotted in Belgium and Italy, among others).

Update 11/27/2012:

Countless recent testimonies have placed Cristiano de Angelis in Berlin (trying to con his way into yet another “research student” position), where he has managed to get hosted through CouchSurfing again (thanks to yet another fake profile) and be a general nuisance to the local population. In fact, he has been so aggressively pursuing local women (his usual “stalk anything that moves” technique when in Europe) that, by complete coincidence, he ended up pulling one of his stalkerish douchebag move on a friend of mine from Kyoto (who only realised who he was, when googling his name, after one weird email too many).

Since I don’t quite believe in coincidence, I can only imagine the staggering number of women he must approach on a regular basis…

Want to read more ranting and observations about this case? Have some objections on the morality/legality of these accusations? Right this way please!


This is why I joined CS a couple of years ago and then left before actually participating actively. After taking wary steps and finding nice contacts and encouragement I received a request from a man, who turned out to be a most unpleasant person. As I am now older and wiser than this poor unfortunate lady (but I was there …at her age) I declined. My instincts were confirmed when he proceeded to bombard me with unpleasant messages and the whole sorry saga made me leave CS. I can see he is still on here two years later, despite the fact his profile is “hidden”, due I suspect, to his now accumulated negative references.

It would appear that CS STILL do not remove these people who are clearly sexual predators.

As an organisation it is disgusting that stronger measures are not put into practice for the well being and security of its members.

OH MY GOD!!! I am Ana I live in SPAIN, GALICIA. I received some weird messeges from this CRISTIANO BRAZILIAN GUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On the month of MArch 2011 and April 2011 He invited me to a private party at BAIONA!! And after I said politely no, he wanted to come to OURENSE to meet me up!!

I COPY PASTE ONE BY ONE the messeges I had with him, he did seem weird!!!

HERE ARE THE POSTS!! I JUST COPIED FROM MY PROFILE THIS GUY WAS DOING THIS STUFF since 2011 in SPAIN! WHo knows waht else has happened! that has not come to light!
from Cristiano Angelis (Lagos, Faro, Portugal)

sent March 29th, 2011 – 8:47 pm

replied Mar 31, 2011 12:11 pm

Hello Ana,

I hope things are going well with you.

My name is Cristiano De Angelis. I am a professor of Economics

and a Planning Analyst in the Planning Ministry in Brazil. Last July I received a license for completing my PhD. in Knowledge Management at Padova University. But the course did not suit me and then i decided to change to Minho University, Department of Information Science, four months ago.

Since last week, I am living in Baiona beach, in order to concentrate on my Thesis and I usually go to Portugal on Friday to meet my advisor.

Well, Me, Raul (YANQUICHARRUA in Baiona CS Group) and my flatmate Page Gottheim decided to do a Brazilian dinner tomorrow night and i would love to invite you. Actually, we invited 8 people.

If you want, you can bring something to drink. Anyway, i will prepare Caipirinha, a typical drink in Brazil.

By the way, do you have skpye or msn? I would love to make friends in Spain.

Ps. My place is in front of the Parador, number 9, 3E.

please, confirm your presence.

a brazilian hug,


to Cristiano Angelis (Lagos, Faro, Portugal)

sent March 31st, 2011 – 12:11 pm

Hi Cristiano:

It´s kind of strange and cool at the same time, to receive CS invitations to a private Party, I must tell you I don´t even live near BAOINA beach, I live in Ourense, you must be confused of City, or else. But thanks in advanced for the excentric invitation if there is no kind of confusion.

Your dinner seems great, I love Brazil and in fact a good friend of mine is brazlian and I learned portuguese with him. I won´t go to your party all though, because it seems weird. I am very honest with you, but a girl is not crossing the entire provice to go to a Brazilian party of people that all though they are COUCH SURFERS are not making a formal or normal request, some thing that is not created as an event, all though it must be a very intersting one, sorry for being paranoid, must be my colombian background.

Have a beautifull day Cristiano, and good luck with your studies.

Muita obrigada por sua invitaciao.

from Cristiano Angelis (Lagos, Faro, Portugal)

sent April 12th, 2011 – 8:15 pm
Hello Ana,
How are you?

I am going to Ourense with a Professor tomorrow at 1030am. Before going to Ourense we go to a Conference in Laias. I will arrive in the lunchtime in Ourense.

do you have plans for the afternoon? How about a coffee?

What is your phone?

WE HAVE TO STOP THIS RAPIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After this last request I never replied to him again.

Hi! I am afraid the real name of the guy is not Cr. de A. The behavior of your hero reminds me so much a brazilian man I hosted some years ago. He used different names and fake profiles for surfing. Too many coincedences: rarest moron, call himself brazilian, travelling a lot and seeking sex-contacts.

And I am afraid real professor de A. is existing and may suffer from your post.

@Louis: you are very right to point out that possibility… However it wouldn’t quite add up: all people so far have recognised him in his website’s pictures (e.g., which is also the one I used in my other post, and matches the ones taken by one of the CSer who hosted him:

Unless your man matches these (in which case, by all mean please contact me), I am afraid it is just a case of two CS creeps sharing similar behaviours and background.

I searched for his profile in this Brazilian database for Academic CV’s; I found his name, and by the profile picture, it really is him:

Supposing that it is his real identity, just an information to make matters worse: According to the information available on his profile, the guy is on a paid leave, since 2010. Which means he is using taxpayers’ money to go out on a crime spree around the world.

You don’t need to know much of psycology to understand this. It’s almost funny. They are all using the same methods.

Professor, you don’t just need help from a lawyer. . Hope you realise it, and get your help.

This guy contacted me in june 2010. he wrote me in italian, saying he worked at the university in padoa and going to vicenza for meeting a university professor. He wanted to have lunch together and asked for my phone, too. we where supposed to meet but then i was busy and never met him. i got lucky, i guess.

i hope he will be stopped.

This guy contacted me in April 2011. He was trying to get a couch in Brazil but I was busy at that time and could not host. He contacted me again asking for a couch in Tokyo but again I did not host as I dont space in my small room in Japan. 2 times lucky!

According to him, his skype account is ” iloverome.” So be careful if this guy contact you using skype.

Since his employer in Brasil is known, can a complaint be made to that country or his employer about the “accusations” against him from multiple people? At least that will put some heat under him … I am so sorry to hear M’s story …

Someone posted that his employee should be contact about it. To make things clear, he works for Brazilian Government and he would never be fired or have any complains from his boss. He cant get fired according to Brazilian law unless he committed a crime. As Japanese police wont do anything (btw I am brazilian living in Japan and I know who both police and government works), as now no charges were made he wont get in any trouble…

I am terrible sorry for M….

Its a horrible thing to read!!

I just want to comment on someone who write down a comment on the original post page by marina on 2012-01-17 at 10.29 am.

I am one of asian girl who use CS to travel and host stranded strangers on their way. This system based on trust. You can’t really sure about someone real behavior until you spent sometimes with them. And if the person you host showing negative attitude or being disrespect you had the right to kick them out.

I just want to say, no matter what culture differences you had while you’re traveling, when a girl clearly say “NO” then its a NO, period. If you push her over those words then its a rape. Brazilian or not.

Its just made me sick when someone commenting about how Brazilian talk openly about sex and sensual etc… and then its OK to rape a girl based on this? come on, get real! is it in Brazil they did this? when a girl say NO for sex, the guy will force them and its a culture?? oh wow barbaric.

Just think if this is happened to your sister or your mother, what would you feel about?? would you accept the “culture” what so ever reason for them to rape them?

Think with your head and use your heart as well.

I’ve looked on his luggage tags on his suitcase and it said De Angelis so perhaps that is his real name unless he’s using a fake passport…

Below You can find  the answer for the questions that Petre and Dave asked me and some of the positive references that i received..


1. Can you show us proof that you in fact purchased a train ticket (which you claim we stolen or went missing from your wallet)?

Yes, I can. Please give me your email address.

2.  Was that train ticket purchased under your name, and if so with what method of payment and on what date?

There is no name on the ticket and the date is 24th December.

3.  Can you please tell us when and how you also purchased a bus ticket to Tokyo

As I wrote, I bought the bus ticket after leaving her house at 1130pm, when she arrived at her house.  I took the bus at midnight and I arrived in Tokyo at. 7am
4. Also, why have you not gone to the police to file a claim against M when you realized that your train ticket was missing?

Because i didnt have time ( just 30 min to buy a ticket and take the bus) and I didnt have prove to explain to the police that one girl who hosted me took my ticket when i was sleeping or taking a shower.
Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (iPad; CPU OS 5_0_1 like Mac OS X) AppleWebKit/534.46 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.1 Mobile/9A405 Safari/7534.48.3

@Katherin De Marca, after reading all of this and all of the other links and threads I have to ask how can so many separate reports in so many different languages from so many different people in so many different countries all be lying and all at different time intervals along the same person’s exact itinerary? What this is is another intance of the internet age exposing the behavior of someone much like dictators whose reigns have ended over the past several months all due to their inability, for the first time ever, to sneak around in the shadows and their inability to stop people from sharing information. Maybe he will eventually surf a prison and complain about the food.

My heart aches for M. Do not allow that person to dim your light or change who you are, your greatness, your power, your care for others. Your courage to tell your friend Dave may very well be the catalyst that ends up saving countless other women from this. That is what shows me you are great and powerful.
Peace from Texas


Keep deflecting as much as you want, focussing on a completely irrelevant part of the story instead of answering the real charges that have been levelled at you by all your hosts.

1. The fact that you purchased a train ticket was never seriously questioned. It is thoroughly irrelevant to the matter. You may have lost it in any manner of ways (assuming you even have).

2. Just like in your alleged “mutual attraction” with your host (which she calls rape), it is your word against her… Except: she has a spotless record of hosting over 30 people without a single complaint, you on the other hand, have been widely denounced as an untrustworthy, lying and aggressive person by every single of your hosts.

3. Moreover: there is absolutely no incentive to stealing such a train ticket in Japan. Assuming as you claim that you had any proof of purchase, you could have easily get a replacement (and anybody trying to claim your ticket would have been arrested). Why in hell would you even think she’d be interested in your ticket?… (unless you felt guilty of something and thought she had good reasons to be angry at you… hmn?)

4. Considering how much of a deal you have made of that alleged “ticket theft” story, your excuse that you were “in a rush”, for not filing a police complaint, is beyond ridiculous… There are buses every hour or so leaving Kyoto for Tokyo. I’m sure you would have taken the time to go to the police, if you had not been afraid they would arrest YOU instead.

I think it is high time you stop putting up these ridiculously unconvincing explanations and come clean: by now, you are out of reach of the Japanese police and will likely not be arrested for your crime… Confess what you did, make a convincing apology and beg for the forgiveness of those you’ve hurt… It certainly won’t erase what you did, but might help clear your conscience and encourage people to move on from your case…

“As I wrote, I bought the bus ticket after leaving her house at 1130pm, when she arrived at her house. I took the bus at midnight and I arrived in Tokyo at. 7am”

And then? What happened in Tokyo and elsewhere?

So, it was the beginning of August in Faro. Although I had a couchsurfing account from 2010, I rarely used it. At this point, I thought I would get involved more openly. I was going to the downtown and asked people in CS thread if anyone was going and left my phone number. I got a message from Cristiano, saying he was in Albufeira(another city in Algarve) and he needed a place to stay in Faro.

I said to him that I do not know if anyone has a free couch, but I could help him find some hosts.

At this point, I was living in a student dorm-small rooms, and having an extra person was not only difficult due to space but was forbidden according to the dorm rules. Since he had a car, he drove to the dorm, and asked if he could use the shower. I personally did not find, and let him use the shower. He also said, he needed some sleep, so he asked if he could sleep for half an hour, which again, I did not refuse to.

He had someone to host him for the next day, but not that day. He did not have her phone number, but just her address. So, we went to a local bar to drink and talk with fellow CSers. His behavior was very cocky. Since no one there was ready to host, I went with him to find the place of his host.(I did not want to trouble someone at midnight, but I wanted to get rid of this guy. I regret this decision). We found the place, and luckily the person. It was a girl, and she spoke Portuguese, so he and her had a conversation which I have no idea of. So, we parted goodbye and I left. The next day, he invited me to go to Tavira(a place in Algarve) with some people which I disagreed because I did not like how he behaved.

A couple of months later, I had a talk with local CSers and none of them had something nice to say about him. I did not like his behavior of –

1. During a point in our conversation, we were talking about finance and I mentioned that since I am a student, I have just the basic living. He started bitching out that my scholarship was too little and he could never live with it. I felt it was a bit rude.

2. He was a two faced person.


Add this up.

Cristiano, you said

” However, after realizing that my train ticket was not in my wallet, I decided to call her. As I didn’t receive any answer, I decided to wait her back since I had shown the ticket to her when we came back to her place.

When she arrived, I asked on the ticket and she was all ashamed and asked me to leave her house. Anyway, I already had plans to catch the night bus (10 hours until Tokyo), if she does not give me back the train ticket (only 2 hours until Tokyo). ”


“because i didnt have time ( just 30 min to buy a ticket and take the bus) and I didnt have prove to explain to the police that one girl who hosted me took my ticket when i was sleeping or taking a shower. ”

1. So, you went out, got a ticket and came back to wait for her. So, you had keys to the house all this time? Or did she let you in?

2. This is not even the real issue. I do not think M. would have had to steal your ticket and sell it for a mere 150 euros(this does not make sense because,

a. Japanese people are the most polite I have met

b. M has 30 positive references, and you have a few accounts(with numerous negative references) that you delete repeatedly. Keep away from the CS community.

Heyy Cristiano, are you going to stay or live in Nice/France?

I’ve found a proper host for you 🙂

(at least he does not delete his profile due to negative references!)

Ok then that is enough. Let say all then (did not want say it before because I am a gentleman) because I am starting to be fed up with this story and with all of you that behave like little children and maybe you jealous of me.

1)She really liked me from the beginning and she asked me to go to bed with her!

She said never had a brazilian boyfriend and she knows brazilian are latin lover and powerful sex machine and could not sleep with me in another room because was thinking all the time about me. Keep in mind I am also young and quite attractive so that drove her crazy. So i did make her happy and did not to be unpolite and say not to a girl!

Do not know what happened in the morning in her mind, maybe she felt ashmed and so took my train thicket to make me feel guilty of something … maybe to make me feel guilty that I am so attractive??

2)Now,how many of you had a host or has been hosted by someone you felt attractive and had a night stand? I think more or less all of you, couchsuring is real life like meeting someone out, sometimes you feel attraction with someone and lot of people want and go for it but in the following morning maybe they feel hembarassed because in their culture is not cummon to behave like that. One day when I will go back to Japan ( and I will because I like Japanaise girl), I am sure she will host me again because I sow into her eyes from the fist minute how much she was attracted by my phisical appareance. I know all the girls usually act like that…
Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; MSIE 9.0; Windows NT 6.0; Trident/5.0)


Please, I beg you: keep writing and indicting yourself with your own words… With a defense like yours, who needs accusers.

You are a narcissistic sociopath and a sexual predator. And every single of your comments on this blog only make this more obvious.

I look forward to your (very unlikely) return to Japan: we will all go and have a lovely chat at the local police station. Let’s see how you enjoy the hospitality of the Japanese prison system.

omg.. this guy is sick, he needs psychiatrist!

I am wondering whether his wife and children know that he behaves like sex-maniac in the serial rapist case instead of FAMILY man in his pictures

I highly doubt anyone would think you’re attractive, Cristiano. I don’t want to make it a public issue of your unattractiveness and unhygienic practices, but you must be delusional to think that you drove her crazy with your sexiness. I’m just grossed out.


I’d call you an ass, but that would be an insult to donkeys. A pretty face can’t fix an ugly attitude, and that puts you somewhere between somewhere between sewer slime and diarrhea in attractiveness. Karma is a bitch. Have fun growing old and dying alone!

Ok Dave

seeing your comments and offensive posts and seeing you as a kind of macho man in defense of the ladies that wanted to punch my face so much let make a deal then: let stop talking and writing bla bla bla and let meet you and me in a neutral city.

Choose a city you like more in Europe and let meet there. Let see how macho you are then and if you still a man with a bit of honour and courage or can joust write and hide.

…A part being attracted I am also an amateur trained brazilian boxer so let enjoy more, wanna hear you to scream please stop and believe me you will do it after 20 seconds!!!!
Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; MSIE 9.0; Windows NT 6.0; Trident/5.0)

guys, did anyone contacted his ”family” in brasil??

OMG this guy is really, really sick! Never intended to make any comments here but after read his last reply I was totally grossed that I can’t help myself not to write a comment here.

I followed this whole stories from very beginning.

What an idiot, can’t believe that he’s a proffessor with such an attitude!


What do you think this is? Some joke or a circus act we are pulling for your own enjoyment? (well, obviously you do, judging by your actions and words)

As much as I would love to punch your face in, this is certainly not what I want: I want for you to sit in a police station and face the girl you claim was “so wildly attracted to you” when she confronts you and has you hauled away for rape. No “neutral city” bullshit: come back to Kyoto and let’s see how that goes for you.

But we both know this is not going to happen, because while you have no problem assaulting 20-year-old Asian girls half your size, when it comes to facing actual consequences of your actions, I think we all know the kind of coward you are: leaving the place before anybody has time to confront you.

By all means keep writing that deluded narcissistic drivel for the world to see. I don’t think I could indict your character better than you do yourself already.

bla bla bla as always…

1) I am attractive you not (lok at your hair!)

2) you are so jealous of my attractiveness beacuse girls jump on me and want me. That drive you crazy. I think you stay in Tokyo but no one has even been attracted by you and you never had any story. Perhaps you are still vergin…

3)At the moment I am in a couchsurfer apartment drinking wine with a very attractive girl that is hosting me, sitting in the sofa with me and she is reading all this and she is smiling all the time because she knows me from another time I staied with her and is saying that all of you seems very mad with a invendet and fantasy story instead of me that I am a wanderful person!


ps she is very cute:)
Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; MSIE 9.0; Windows NT 6.0; Trident/5.0)

@ Cristiano:

hmm.. Schizophrenia symptoms, you shouldn’t belong to any communities but land yourself in therapy.

I think Christiano needs to see a doctor, however,he said something about being attracted to or a host or guest.True, actually a few weeks ago i had several sexual encounters down here in Kampala with a girl from America(Canada) , but this was because we were attracted to each other,however.If there was no connection between me and her, then i would never have done anything, but just the fact u forced your self on M, its barbaric and u actually owe an apology to the good couch surfing community, and stop reasoning like an educated fool.Thanks Dave for throwing light to the community

I can’t believe this guy’s answers…

@Cristiano: trying desperately to put everything on the account of your (so-called) good looks is really pathetic. Grow up man! First, you’re not living in a porn movie where women cannot resist you “Latin lover” charms! The way you appear so far only makes the rape story more and more plausible.

PS: are you mistaking the so-called “smile” from your couch-surfing host with the look of fear you inspire her?

First I wasn’t going to write, although I felt very sad about this story and by the fact that he’s from my beloved country – though that has nothing to do with his behaviour – but this Cristiano guy is so insultingly idiot besides being an absolute jerk that it demands some cursing on him. Of course none of this will help on what’s already done to M. and the other people he insulted and mistreated, but at least I’ll feel relieved.

It’s so obvious that this guy is delusional and needy, like someone who really lacks something in life – pride, self-respect, tenderness, love. It’s by no means a try to explain or justify what he’s been doing, just wondering about. And what’s even more pathetic is that he claims being a teacher and having so many degrees but his English is really ridiculous, full of mistakes and flaws.

Replying to someone who said something about Brasil being a place where this kind of attitude is tolerated (because of another person’s post stating that there was a culture shock) – it’s not! Like elsewhere, there are people of all kinds and origins, but mainly it’s a country where respect towards others is highly prized. And the most basic kinds of respect are not harming others and acknowledged self-responsibility, in my opinion. Anyway, this is something inherent to his (lack of) behaviour, not to brazilian culture, believe me.

I hope he’s detained somehow and also CS becomes a danger-free environment, protected from this kind of pervert.


You are trained boxer, and you need a neutral city? Come to Europe, while I am still here, and lets sort this shit out.

I am neither trained, (somewhat skinny, and in need of muscles) nor am I a “hunk” as you mentioned you to be. So, it will be a nice fight.

I talked with K(the girl who hosted you), and guess what, she does not have nice things to say about you as well. I feel sorry that I helped you find the host.

“I did not want to say it before because I am a gentleman”- Do you even know what the g in gentleman belongs for?

Writing here will not bring out any consequences, but, believe me, someone will hunt you down.

Thanks for taking the time and effort to keep this going, Dave. It’s especially nice when a man makes things like this his business – M. has a good, gentlemanly friend in you.

is this guy rapist-christiano, really so retarded or is this some kind of severe joke? his posts have to much grammatical mistakes as for the “professor” not to mention the 16 years old boy writing manner of an “an amateur trained brazilian boxer”

Did someone tried to contact Interpol ?

With all the testimony from around the world, it could be enough evidence.

This guy will do it again if we don’t stop him. He clearly need help.

Maybe we should create a kind of “emergency line” via couchsurfing,

if someone is in trouble, he could call or send the adress via sms to someone (an ambasador or someone the community trust) in the city, so he could come to help.

Can someone kick his ass… Cristiano, do come to Malaysia… I’m pretty sure we can arrange some kick ass welcome party for u..


At this point, I just want to point out that the comments made by “Cristiano” on this article and the previous one, are almost certainly all authentic: they are all made by the same person and the IP locations check very exactly the known travel route of this scum (Malaysia, Singapore, Paris and now Rome).

While it is hard not to think these comments are the work of some prankster trying to sound just like a textbook narcissistic sociopathic sexual predator, they are really his…

I really don t know where to begin with all this!!!

Well, let’s firstly say that his “deeds” have now been know to Greece as well.

Now, I think Ana’s comment here and Ying’s story tell everything about this delusional pervert. Personally, I need nothing more to hear. We all know guys like this, more or less -you know, bragging, womanizers, who actually have no real chances with girls exactly because of this behaviour- in our personal life and I can certainly believe M’s side of the story. The whole argument of his that “I accused her of a stolen train ticket so she accused me of raping” is just outrageous, a girl would never want to attract the light of publicity with such a story!

This guy is certainly dangerous and needs to be tracked down. Maybe – if its really him who makes these comments here, cause they re just unbelievable- his IP could be tracked down and he could be caught.

Also I want to congratulate Dave for his superior work on this and his way of thinking, logic, and calmness when dealing with this lunatic. I wouldnt be able to do it, I think.

As for this guy, if its really him commenting I say again, Cristiano your comments are such of a 15yo boy and the manly thing to do would be to go and confront Kyoto police, not kill Dave cowardly with a gun in a European city where it would just be the two of you [even though we could have police stand by there and Dave with an armed police vest, so that s not a very bad idea after all]. ALSO, THE MANLY THING TO DO WAS TO HAVE YOUR CS PROFILE OPEN, SO ANYONE COULD SEE THOSE REFERENCES AND JUDGE FOR THEMSELVES. Having it deleted, admit it, it makes you seem a lot more suspicious, doesnt it???


And , p.s., as your IQ is probably limited, yes, the above line is called “Sarcasm”.

For crying out loud. I’ve met this guy, unfortunately, and although I don’t usually like to make comments/judgments on people’s looks…since he brought it up in this case, I will. He is NOT attractive in the least, and him basically claiming to be God’s gift to women is yet another indication that he is at least somewhat delusional and doesn’t understand how to appropriately relate to and interact with people, especially women.

I can’t even express how sorry I feel about this whole story, to the many csurfers who had their trust in the community injured, and especially for M.

I guess is pretty clear by now that this person is insane, so I suggest we stop trying to argue with him. Having serious mental issues though, does not justify the horrible act he committed. This is an absurd, and he can’t just get away with it. Not only for justice with M., but also because he represents a threat for unaware future hosts.

I’m contacting his professional/academic connections based on the data he left online, first to verify if it’s really him (if it’s not, the real Cristiano must be warned anyway), and then to let them know all this evidences.

I’d like also to make clear for Fika and others that might have had the same impression, that this is NOT acceptable in Brazil. Far from it, it is a very serious crime punished with up to 10 years of jail. Please don’t confuse brazilian open way with the sick behavior of this guy.

@Crafty: this is a very nice idea, is there currently any action in this way on CS?


Agreed 100% with everything you wrote. His case clearly belongs to the annals of psychiatry and there is little point engaging him any further.

Also agree about the need to verify that it is not a case of identity theft, although the amount of corroborating evidence (photographs, public records etc) makes it difficult to imagine that such a barely-functioning moron could really pull off a fraud of this magnitude (then again, it is also hard to imagine him making it through high school, let alone post-grad research). I have also contacted people in order to try and verify his identity and claims and will update this page when/if I get any feedback.

I posted a link here to the Roma CS group. Maybe someone can translate to Italian..

To all my dear CS friends!

Thank u all for ur wonderful response to this blog. Please keep any useful info coming in. I will pass them on to Interpol.

I can confirm that Cristiano is under the surveillance of Interpol. He will be caught if or when he commits a further criminal act.

Cristiano is now in Rome & I believe the CS community has been warned. Good work!

Somebody mentioned that Cristiano is known for his deeds in Greece. Would anyone care to share any knowledge of confirmed behaviour there?

I called the immigration chief of Malaysia & made a formal request to deny him entry to this country. If anyone do that in another country please do so.

Somebody mentioned contacting his family/employer in Brazil? Has anyone had any luck there?

Many people mention that Cristano belongs in a mental hospital. If he is the animal he is then he belongs in a zoo perhaps?!?! Give him a job feeding tigers?!?!

I think we should all feel compassion for M & wish her a speedy recovery from her trauma over her ordeal.

The true hero here is Dave & he is doing a wonderful job & esp for remaining composed in the face of the ridiculous & inflammatory comments made by Cristiano. If there were an award for the CS of the year, then Dave gets my vote! Meanwhile I’ll get to Japan soon & buy him a beer!

Regards, Dan

Good to know Daniel. This guy messed with the wrong people. CS is not only about hospitality, but in my opinion a group of great and engaged people… Dave gave us a perfect example of that!

I hope I can get to Japan one day and grab that beer with you1 🙂

For what it’s worth, i’d say he even lied about him being a “professor”.

First of all, a PhD student is not a professor, at most he can himself a “research assistant”.

Second, even a PhD student must have publications (a professor should have a few dozens) and he appears to have none, or at least none that can be searched in any scholarly database.

In his bibliography section on the page:

he cites 3 entries, but none of them is complete and in a proper bibliographical format.

So in the best case this self appointed “professor” is a budding PhD student.

Hello a Brazilian/American who now lives in brazil, i can assure all of you that this guys behavior is SICK and not typical of brazilian men. i live in a favela and if he ever acted this way where i live, he would have been strung up by the balls and beaten to death as we do not tolerate this disgusting behavior. RAPE is not tolerated in Brazilian law!

I highly doubt that this guy is actually a professor. i think its all lies or he is using somebody elses profile in the website. his english sucks bad and even the way he writes is like a 15 year old kid.

And if this guy is really married with a child, why would he be writing like he is publcally on the internet. If he is married, does his wife know about his unfaithfulness?

Or, how he likes to rape women, so easy for him to use the excuse that women “want” him. How can a woman fight back? Most women can not as they dont have the strength.

The more I read these posts the more this “monster” disgusts me. [physical threat removed: I understand your anger, but let’s keep this civilised… — Dave]


I hope you can find the patience and integrity to read this carefully!

Know that you are not immune to Karma or any other of the natural laws! All of this shit is gonna catch up with you one way or another and I think that deep down you know it too, so the sooner you stop running away like a coward and own up to your wrongdoings, the better.

If you had even a miligram of pride, honour or self respect within you, you would be true to yourself and accept responsibility for your disgraceful actions instead of continuing to deny them like the unfortunate, unscrupulous coward you present yourself as. It’s vermin piece of shit like you that ruin a great community like CS for so many, and that’s just enormously selfish of you, arrogant asshole filho de puta! With any luck you’re gonna be paying for this for many days to come: both professionally, socially and on a personal level if you have it within you to repent.

You deserve to fall hard, and if faith holds strong, you will. My only regret is that disgusting scumbags like you can somehow seem to evade punishment and repercussions for even the most filthy deeds, and they often manage to get away with the worst crimes of all. I, like anyone else with even a minimal sense of justice, can only hope and pray that this will not prove to be one of those cases.

Thank you for reading, ‘Professor’.

Hi guys now members of the CS community in Brazil now we knowing what happened and we are sending to all communities in Brazil and pics and translation about this case we already know all about Cristiano de Angelis, now he knows what will happen to your life when it falls in the news media attention in Brazil. We have entered into contact with interpol and they will handle the case.

To all my dear CS!

I am so happy to see more & more Brazilians adding threads to this post. This is a wonderful aspect of this post, that u are as horrified, appalled & disgusted as the people from the many nations already. & it proves that Brazilian culture is not about machismo & being “God’s gift to women”. I have spent a lot of time in the most beautiful country of Brazil & I have most certainly never seen the kind of behaviour that Cristiano displays. & I was staying with local people before I had ever heard of CS.

Which leads me to the next point; is Cristiano really Brazilian? Having spent months in Brazil I don’t remember seeing a Brazilian as unattractive. He claims women fall at his feet begging them to sleep with him. I think most women would find a dog’s breakfast more appealing & I certainly find the back of a bus better looking. U Brazilians rock; the most gorgeous women in the world, bar none. I was always thinking life is so unfair; why couldn’t I have been born Brazilian? I would have been really handsome & living amongst women so beautiful.

If Cristiano is really Brazilian, why has he travelled the world for so long? Did he rob a bank & is a fugitive on the run with the proceeds? Or another sinister crime? & if he is really married (she must have a dog & a white stick!) why has he left them home so long?

Anyway I think the best course of action is for the Brazilian community to take up this case. U people can get ur police, Interpol, news media etc involved & fire up a huge shitstorm for this guy. His family will know, his employers will know, his friends (if someone as vile as him, tho not having met him….) will know. Bring him back to Brazil, put him thru ur courts & have him incarcerated. Rapists are despised in prison so he is not in for a fun time.

Love to the worldwide CS community,



I’m at Braga, Portugal. I found out that this guy was at my university for a period of time. Do let me know if I can help gathering info. I can esially reach the department and possible his colleagues and professors


This thread is now quite old, but I got linked to it through a warning sent to CS ambassadors. Are there any new developments? I would really like to be able to have the most up to date information. This man is truly appalling and I would like to know if anything ever materialized with the Interpol investigation. Thank you.
Heather Christian

Hi folks!

Reading all this comments and specially one Cristiano replied at via CS friend yesterday.

The only thing intrigues me is all the spelling from this posts above and the one writing yesterday (one is awfully wrote and the other one is fine doesn’t seams to be the same writer) .

I don’t have anything to say about this guy because I never met him and I don’t know any friends of him so I just can read all.

For sure if this history end in a bad or good way justice must come and work towards the best side.

Keep posting, xx.

OK, time to step in.

People: I appreciate the comments and the help… But I think it is time to calm things down regarding the personal information and speculations.

Don’t worry: I am not off Cristiano’s case. And Google certainly won’t any time soon.

But at the current time, there is unfortunately no need for more personal contact data about him: his whereabouts, email etc. are publicly available in quantities of places and he is not a hard moron to track. But in the absence of an international police warrant against him, there is little to do there. And while I am perfectly fine with the accusations presented here (bring the libel suit on, Cristiano, let’s see how that works out for you), public harassment (of people who may have nothing to do with this) is not a line that I will even get close to.

Similarly, I am a lot less interested in speculating about whatever clinical issues might be the root cause of his behaviour and would much prefer to focus on factual reports by people who have interacted with him or know him.

I hope you will all understand why I would prefer this page not turn into a hodgepodge of insults and rumours. The reality of his case is bad enough as it is.

In this spirit, I will therefore start removing comments that do not fall into the category of personal testimonial and factual reports.

@Claudia: despite how incredibly bad he sounds, I am quite certain all these comments are his.

Without going over all the technical reasons to think so, there’s one very simple one: at least one of the comments he posted is provably his, as it contained private information regarding past hosts of his (I edited it out in order to verify first with them). Had any other comments not be his, I am sure he would have pointed it out.

So yea… All his.


I am not a CSer, but I met M de Angelis last night, had a

meeting with him today and when he didn’t show up, I went to find his

number on his site (he gave me his e-mail adress [redacted]

and told me the name of his site where I could find all his details. He

said that his phone had no more battery and he had no biz cards).


I was surfing on the net to find out more about him, I found the CS

threads and felt it very necessary to at least let you know he is in

Brussels now.

He actually just called (it was about 16:15 – 4:15

pm here) with an unknown number. I didn’t anwser, because I figured it

was him and didn’t know what to say. He sent me an email saying he has

no phone here and asked that we talk by Skype. His skype name is

iloverome. He suggests we have coffee tonight.

He was like people

describe – coming on strong (tried to make a pass, asked me if I had a

boyfriend, told his story in a way that wasn’t clear to me).

Fortunately, I was with friends and wanted to stay with them instead of

going along with him.

He said he had just come back from

Singapour after spending a few months in China, Japan and SE Asia. I

tried to find out what he was doing there. Said he interviewed people

for his work and thesis. He was stopping over in Brussels, staying with

friends and decided on the spur of the moment to go back to Rio where

his family lives (4 sisters, 2 bros) to rest for a month. He was looking

at the possibility of living in Brussels and says he will be here 2

more days.

Let me know if there is something I can do. Hope this helps.




I am not a CSer, but I met M de Angelis last night, had a

meeting with him today and when he didn’t show up, I went to find his

number on his site (he gave me his e-mail adress [redacted]

and told me the name of his site where I could find all his details. He

said that his phone had no more battery and he had no biz cards).


I was surfing on the net to find out more about him, I found the CS

threads and felt it very necessary to at least let you know he is in

Brussels now.

He actually just called (it was about 16:15 – 4:15

pm here) with an unknown number. I didn’t anwser, because I figured it

was him and didn’t know what to say. He sent me an email saying he has

no phone here and asked that we talk by Skype. His skype name is

iloverome. He suggests we have coffee tonight.

He was like people

describe – coming on strong (tried to make a pass, asked me if I had a

boyfriend, told his story in a way that wasn’t clear to me).

Fortunately, I was with friends and wanted to stay with them instead of

going along with him.

He said he had just come back from

Singapour after spending a few months in China, Japan and SE Asia. I

tried to find out what he was doing there. Said he interviewed people

for his work and thesis. He was stopping over in Brussels, staying with

friends and decided on the spur of the moment to go back to Rio where

his family lives (4 sisters, 2 bros) to rest for a month. He was looking

at the possibility of living in Brussels and says he will be here 2

more days.

Let me know if there is something I can do. Hope this helps.



[inappropriate comment removed. I know this is meant as a joke, but I want this page to remain as close to factual as can be. No threats of violence here, please. — Dave]

anyway, even though CS is an awesome community where the vast majority are cool considerate open minded people, there will always be parasites, just be aware of them… The way a person writes a mail, or messages or does any form of communication says a lot about him/her (yes, women too!)… I’m a 1m90 guy, so not afraid to host anyone, and if I don’t like them, they’ll go, but if I was a girl, dunno… I wouldn’t host anyone without at least say 10 good references and a decently filled in profile, or has been vouched for by people, is verified, etc… just be aware of your strengths and weaknesses, no shame in that, and it will save you a heap of trouble… don’t forget you normally also have friends or people you know that will be at your doorstep in case of trouble, CALL THEM or text them if shit happens…

I’d like to think of myself as a decent guy, and it’s because of guys like him that girls or women won’t host men, afraid something bad might happen, makes me pissed off…

that said, what he does is the lowest of the lowest, but some people, don’t know how, just are like that… avoid them is the solution…

be happy, be safe,


Cristiano claims he has a flight booked to Rio on this Wednesday 25 January. It doesn’t help his victims in Europe & Asia any, but at least he cannot harm more people abroad. His own people should be the best to deal with him. I hope it is true & not a distraction to make us think he went back home, & try to shake us off his tail. People stay alert & think of ur safety please in case he changes his profile again.

Regards to all & Happy Chinese New Year!


Isn’t this time to seriously think about creating a decent, legal and for our own good small CS intelligence/security branch? Not some stuff like CIA of course but a few CS volonteers qualified on the field… cops, journalist, that kinda people.

You know, to coordinate and that kinda stuff… To select intels we have. What is SURE, what is probable, what is unlikely.

A good start would also be to create a common place (a CS group maybe?) to share, dispatch informations. Maybe considering setting a strategies. I think identifying PRECISELY where this guy is living and sending a lotta of letters to his jobs (from every corner of the world) might be a good pressure strategy.

Thats called lobbying and its plain time CS use this amazing solidarity network to shield its members.

I personnaly think this Karen story is BS. Look like disinformation to me.

Anonymous, unreliable source.

Plus what is that CSer “that is not a CSer”?

Hey Dave,

I’m thinking of writing up something about this soon on an online magazine that I contribute for. Do you have an e-mail/skype/or screen name I can contact you through? You should see my address stamped on my comment, I believe.



Hi, I’m a couchsurfer that just came upon this terrifying story. I googled the guy, and have a few questions/remarks.

Mainly this; is “Cristiano de Angelis” really this guys real name? It appears it is the name of a recurrent fictional caracter in a seriers of extremely bad commercial “romance novels” by a certain Cathy Williams. See here:

The french description is even more telling:ège/dp/2280215055

“De Angelis” is a perfect stranger that walks into the apprtment “Bettany” is keeping during the holidays, they felle “immediate” attraction, passion, and so on, and then have wild sex….

Doesn’t this sound similar to what this guy pretends or fantasizes to be doing?

So could it be that this guy is travelling under a fake identity to live out his fantasy copied from these really cheap “romance novels”?

As to his purported professional activity: some have remarked that he couldn’t be at the same time a professor AND a Phd student— since you need a phd to be a professor (althought he could be an assistant professor). According to his website, he appears to be a private “teacher” which in latin languages is called “professor”, as he seems to be offering private lessons for the “vestibular”, that is entry-exams to University. Another site lists him as an “independent researcher”… , so he isn’t affiliated to any University or research institution. That he calls his site “” seems suspicious to me too, a real professor would not need this title in the domain name…

He definitively seems delusional to me, and I believe travelling under a fake identity.


These are all very good points. I also did google and find that cheesy novel character… Yet I’m still inclined to think it’s just an uncanny coincidence (though I’m with you and would really like some stronger evidence). My reasons to believe this is his real name so far would be:

– there were multiple times where he left a paper trail, including travel documents, which would seem difficult to fake (or use with a fake identity, in those days where a passport is mandatory to get a flight ticket)

– while all his websites and alleged “positions” are indeed very contradictory and at the very least “inflated”, his name does pop up on some official websites (such as university or gvt websites). These would be hard to fake.

– his name also appears in a couple (thoroughly mediocre and not very convincing) research papers. That would be easier to fake, but still require an amazing amount of effort and preparation.

– in addition to all the above, the fact that he does not appear to be particularly bright (read his comments if you need convincing) would tend to make me doubt his ability to pull such a huge deception… He is merely smart enough to delete his profile and move on, each time somebody spots his crap.

That being said: none of his alleged “advisors” contacted have so far deigned to reply anything and that’s a bit suspicious (it could very well be that they do not want to be involved or to disclose private information, but you would imagine they would at least mention if he was not a student of theirs).

@Brett: sent you an email

@Daniel: thanks for the info. Where did you read it?

@Lakalshdu34: first, I don’t really like your needlessly confrontational tone toward Karen. There really aren’t reasons to doubt her or her word (who would it benefit??) and she’s contacted me through email as well as CS, with quite a lot of details proving she would not be some random reader of this blog.

For that matter you are an anonymous, unreliable source on this blog (she at least uses her first name).

As for that “CS intelligence” thing you describe: no offense, but it sounds rather silly (or worse) to me. What CS needs is certainly not some sort of international vigilante team: there’s a police for that. It needs a team of competent IT people and DB admins, with access to the CS database and able to do data mining and information pulling to spot that sort of suspicious behaviour before it leads to such consequences… And this is not really something that can be organised at the volunteer level: the current corporate management of CS needs to take care of it (and doesn’t seem willing to). I’ll certainly write more about this soon on this blog.

Hi guys I’m back!

Dave please let us know how M is & how is she coping with her trauma? Can she seek professional counselling in Japan?

Regarding the fake ID, yes it is possible if he changed his name legally or stole someone’s identity before I think 2007 or so when chipped passports came into effect. If one had had a fake passport until late 90s it would still have been easy to change for a real one. During 2000s if u had a genuine non-chipped passport u could send it back for a chipped one which now have true details in the chip, even the photo page has been tampered with. It is almost impossible to travel on fake or stolen passports nowadays.

Regarding the policing of CS, in an ideal world yes. In the west if one works with children or the elderly, one needs a criminal records check looking for sex abuse/theft/fraud etc history. In an independent online community such as CS it is impossible.

This is the last and third message I write in this blog, because I think it’s getting too speculative, based on really negative assumptions about my character .

All people are different, and as stated by some CS, either the people love me or they hate me.

All negative comments about my behavior are not strong enough to prove what I am being accused.

From both sides there is no evidence that something wrong was done. What happens it is that people take the accusation as if it was true and they are influenced to answer aggressively against me.

People write in my name, say they know me or they have seen me, but I’ve never seen them or been there.

All people should be responsable for their actions as an invasion of my privacy and publication of false comments.

I still do not understand why this accusation appears, because once again I say that it was a consensual relationship, I mean, without showing something wrong before, during and after…

How come a person who was allegedly raped, goes to work, leaving me at home studying, as she wrote in her post? Only when she came back and I asked for the missed ticket from my wallet in her house, she asked me to leave.

And after more than two weeks, she made up this crazy story.

I never used to say bad things about people, but in this case, I have the feeling that this girl has some character deviation to create this nonsense story.
Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (iPad; CPU OS 5_0_1 like Mac OS X) AppleWebKit/534.46 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.1 Mobile/9A405 Safari/7534.48.3


Your last message? Good. Considering you keep repeating the same incoherent justifications without answering anything, I don’t think there is much you can add.

First, you write that this is your “last and third” message. But you have definitely written more than twice before. I have personally blocked any comment using your name that was not from you (unlike CS, I have enough IT knowledge to spot stupid impersonation attempts). If any of the previous messages on these pages marked from ‘Cristiano’ are not yours, now is the time to speak up (but I have your IP logs, so you will have to be very convincing).

You are perfectly right that most of the people’s testimonials against you do not prove that you are a rapist. They merely prove that you are a rude, untrustworthy, pathological liar who harasses women and has repeatedly abused the CS system for his own gain and protection. With that established, my friend’s unambiguous claim that you raped her (and your incoherent attempt at justifying your behaviour) are what prove to me that you are a rapist.

As I told you before, she certainly did not wait two weeks (and even if she had, as I explained since, it would not mean much): she was upset and possibly traumatised and told me (and others) the story, only a few hours after you left. The only reason we waited a week to publish this, is that we were still hoping for CS or police action (and we had not yet realised how widespread your abuse was).

As I said many times before: come back to Japan (you sure seem to have a good-enough budget to travel the world) and take me to court. We’ll see how it goes for you.

As for “character deviation”, you are the sick man, Cristiano, do not forget that. I actually truly believe that you do not see anything wrong in any of your actions: it does not make them acceptable, merely means that you need professional help.

Dave: I am not a source, I am a person giving advices. I don’t think an advice can be considered “unreliable.” like a source would.

As for a group of vigilante, I think its better than a single vigilante like you.

Every corporation have a private security unit. And guess WHAT? CS is now a corporation! So my suggestion was not stupid, unreliable or a fake testimony. Its a possibility. CS hiring a private detective full time is not a stupid suggestion.

Now an anonymous source is by definition unreliable. Always remembers what make this guy the subject of the warning is the many (more or really less) unreliables non-anonymous source.

If it was only your jamanese friend, it would her words against his. But its not, its a good dozen (something like that? more?) words against his. Logically there is something fishy.

You don’t like the idea of vigilente team but there is much you need to learn about intelligence gathering, use and counter-use.

Hi Dave:

I arrived here via a link posted on one of the CS message boards. Although not directly related to your original issue it made me think of what the CS community can do to promote safety for all hosts…

I am female and I live alone and I recently had my first non-positive hosting experience. In short I’d call this guy a creep-in-training.

This person — a male — had no negative references although one of his several positive references mentioned a “major misunderstanding”. I agreed to host this person and at the outset he seemed very friendly and agreeable. There were a series of awkward moments and I believe my instincts to repeatedly give him the benefit of the doubt (i.e., allowing for cultural differences) were wrong in hindsight.

Fortunately there were no “physical” boundaries broken. However even though I mentioned very shortly after meeting this person that I had a boyfriend (as I got enough of a weird “vibe” that this person might be interested in me in a non-platonic way to use this tactic — a no-fail for non-creeps) the following topics came up in conversation:

1. If I’d ever dated anyone from his country

2. If I’d be open to polyamory

3. If he could give me a massage (the “non-creepy” kind, in his words).

Ew. Just ew.

The massage thing happened late at night and he was scheduled to leave first thing the next morning. I say scheduled because he “overslept” too late for the agreed-upon transit option. When he finally left he ended up “missing the bus” and coming back (also he “forgot his phone charger” and need to come in). I didn’t not let him back in my apartment.

So why didn’t I run immediately to my computer and leave him a neutral or negative reference? The three events I highlighted did not happen in quick succession but were spaced out over the course of two days — maybe there was room for a (cultural) misunderstanding? No. The reason is that I was afraid that if I left him a negative reference he would leave me a negative reference in retaliation (basically attempting to protect his reputation by smearing mine).

This seems to be one of the hallmarks of CS creeps: I’ve seen multiple cases where even when the surfer’s initial reference was glowingly positive once the host mentions anything negative about their experience hosting a person — even feeling uncomfortable — the surfer “remembers” a slew of negative things about the host and revises their original positive reference to negative.

So back to your friend “M”. It appears through your follow-up to Cristianos’ connections that there were cases where creepy or creep-in-training behavior was omitted by hosts/friends — maybe for the same reasons I did not write a negative reference based on my own experience described above.

What is essential to the continuing success of CS is that people faithfully write truthful references for each hosting/surfing experience. I think that often non-positive things are omitted because people aren’t sure if a line was crossed. But, in terms of my own experience, I felt uncomfortable so A LINE WAS CROSSED. Unchecked, creeps-in-training can evolve into creeps and — unfortunately — criminals.

I don’t have an action plan in mind (other than writing a long overdue negative reference for my male surfer). What are your thoughts?

@ FemaleHost

Wow, surely one can imagine the guy..typical kind of the CS guy who is doing it just in case he will get lucky with “that tourist girl”…trying to explore the limits by making conversation about relationships, sex, suggesting “innocent” physical touches, like the massage, etc…Unfortunately I think MOST of the men are like this, I can see it for example in my male friends who are NOT on CS, as everytime that I host a beautiful girl they look at me with that look of -or even tell me- “you lucky bastard, you are going to have a good time tonight”, like it is CERTAIN that we will sleep together or like CS is about having sex….After seeing some of them entering the CS community, I m pretty sure that the earlier male users of CS are generally normal and safe, but those who joined after, because they were seeing those pioneer CSers hanging around with -sometimes- beautiful girls, joined the community to get some share of that….unfortunately 😦

As you say, yes, maybe the solution is to post the negative reference no matter what…you might get one back, but you ll have all the other positive ones, and besides, if it will come down to that -getting also a negative reference from him- the majority will know who is usually the one to blame…plus you may give the courage to other hosts/visitors of his to change perhaps their reference to a true one, if for example they gave him a neutral one… 😉

All the best and I wish more luck the next times,


@Dave: yes, i finally saw those research papers too, so I was wrong with my indeed very “literary” assumptions…

@FemaleHost: your guest definitvely had awkard, obnoxious, pathetic and somewhat inappropriate behaviour. But then again, he didn’t do anything wrong. Making stupid proposals and asking silly questions doesn’t make you a potential rapist, or a “creep-in-training”.

So I’m not sure if this warrants a negative reference. Giving a reference on CS judges the couchsurfer and not the person. You might find someone antipathetic, boring, obnoxious or weird, even though he behaves correctly as a guest. I probabl just wouldn’t leave a reference at all.

And Dave, the point I’ve made to “femalehost” is my problem with your argument here. You’re basically saying that M”s very grave accusation is corroborated by testimonials of a great number of other couchsurfers. This, plainly, is not the case.

M accuses of rape, which is a very serious crime.

Your testimonials depict an arrogant, rude, selfish, bizarre, delusionary caracter. Those are all good reasons to avoid a person, to give negative references on CS, to not be friends with someone, etc. But none of those are serious felonies as rape.

Being arrogant, rude, selfish, bizarre, delusionary DOES NOT make you a rapist. As a matter of fact, so called “sociopaths” usually are extremely smooth, socially highly competent people, that precisely for that reason succeed in deceiving and abusing others while going completely unnoticed.

The argument is as naive as the counter-arguments of’s friends, that in a nutshell say that is such a nice guy that he never could be a rapist. No, “nice guys” can be rapists, terribly aintipathetic, asocial people can be quite harmless…

This said without in the least implying that is innocent, we have much more reasons to believe M”s testimonial than his.

@FemaleHost: As Christos said (and in strong disagreement with belsha’s otherwise reasonable point): you need to post a negative (or at the very least neutral) review.

I agree with belsha that inferring that he is a “creep-in-training” might be a bit strong (and should probably be left out of your review, which should be objective and factual, for such a case)… However, his behaviour is 100% inappropriate and shows a clear misunderstanding of what CS is about. At best, the guy clearly sees CS as a dating service and a cheap way to get hosted while hitting on women. While this does not make him a criminal, it is still an element that should be told to other potential (female) hosts, without exaggeration or insinuation… With these elements, it is up to his future hosts to judge whether they are comfortable hosting him, but at least they have all the pieces to decide.

I think Cristiano’s story shows quite clearly that CSers tend to overlook the negative way too much in their reviews. Even when if it does not lead to such horrible results, it could still lead to many unhappy hosting experiences…

@belsha: you are partially right in comparing people who describe Cristiano as “a nice guy” and the fact that being a pathological liar doesn’t make him a rapist… And many rapists are indeed a lot more discreet (and liked by people). But as you point out yourself, what makes him a rapist is the combination of this clear portrait of an untrustworthy individual, which completely discredits his word against M’s (in my opinion).


Thanks for giving a shit about this community! I wish the owners of CS website were more interested.

I’ve run into just a couple problems with people deleting profiles and one was a man running an orphanage and asking for money. It was a very difficult decisionwhat to tell about a man who was deceiving yet had the future of many innocents linked to his actions. For this reason CS owners need to develop some better methods to deal with ‘questionable’ people deleting their accounts and making new ones.

I think you have done a service to the community with this page.



Dave, of course femalehost can legitimally leave a negative reference.

My issue with many of these remarks is the problem of “hindsight” often pointed out. Many people said, “I thought he was ok”, ” I thought he was a nice guy” etc, and only by “hindsight” I realized that “actually” etc etc The problem is that the “hindsight” (as always) occured AFTER they learned C.d.A was a rapist, information which then altered their judgement and chnaged their interpretation of the events. Events are vrey easy to predict once they occured…

If this guy did what he is accused off he should have been put on the back of a cart, taken out and shot.

Having said that he put himself in a position where the chance of any conviction would be almost impossible. It would have been the “Victims” word against his. I am an ex police officer of 9 years and I have seen this scenario too often.

When lone females agree to host either a lone male or more than one male they must satisfy themselves that the person they are hosting is genuine.

The warning bells and buzzers were sounding loud and clear about this guy, even before this incident. I have no idea for what reason she could give for wanting to host him.

Regardless of what reasons she had of not going to the police the end result is that she did not and he has got away free.

I think an eye should be kept out for this guy in case he comes back but also that a line be drawn under the matter and everyone gets on enjoying CS.


First: I should thanks Dave and all of you.

Second: I become very famous now and I am using other sources, i.e hospitality club.

Many single girls there heard about the story and are really very interested in me and they want to host me to see if I am the real ‘macho’ as all the peole told in those stories.

Finally:I am having more dates now than in all the months in Asia.

Thanks again and please spread more my name and voice so that I can show to all the ladies I will met that everything is true and I am so handsome and really the powerful brazilian sex machine.

Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; MSIE 9.0; Windows NT 6.0; Trident/5.0)

Hi guys.

I’m afraid my name has been misused by Cristiano De Angelis as proof of his good standing.

Something like two years ago I left on his page a polite comment: he had been my first CS guest and for this reason at that time I tried to be positive, but after reading your comments I feel responsible and now I think I did a mistake…

As far as I could see at that time, Cristiano was not a bad guy. But I would say that his behaviour had appeared to me not very respectful of the code of hospitality. He didn’t recognize (or didn’t want to) what his host expected from the guest.

I prefer not to explain on a public blog what was wrong in his conduct like CS guest, but I definitely don’t think that he fits with the goals of Couch Surfing and I hope he will not bother other people “in my name”…

Andrea (Padova – Italy)

Some Portuguese explanations: In Brazil, you don’t need a PhD to become professor… BTW, in Portuguese, teacher means “professor”; we have no difference between both terms. AND, if he is truly half Brazilian-Italian, he might have both passports, using the Italian one for travelling (that would be much more difficult to make it fake).

fouind his facebook if anyone wants to plunder ….

Iam a braziliam lady teacher ,sociologista retired from de federal servant job in the capital city Brasilia, where he was before go to Italy, Portugal and…….. Iam new in couch surfer an now very terrified and ashemed because of this…Cristiano…

I search in Google brasil and verified tharthe is realy a economist and teacher at University of Santa Catarina,.Now he has high salary job at The Budget Ministery as Analist and received schorlarship to take doctor degree at Padua University- Italy until 2012. The number of his main braziliam document -CPF is:[Redacted].

You can send all information about what he is doing with the public money in his trips …at UNIV of Padua,univ of Santa catarina ,and the Ministerio do planejamento e Gestao( you will find the website and email easily at Brasil google,,and at Brazil embassy in TOKYO,Malasia ..Also You can send to The Policia Federal .web site in Brazil.
lucia s.

Urgent……Please I didnt saw that he is posting here,,Please keep for you my info and delete the prior post…Lucia
lucia s.

Katherin Marca

Thanks Dave,

I created this group in CS to keep record of crimes, criminals and their modus operandi in CS.

the idea is to have a place available in CS to look for information about crimes committed in CS to see if there is any resemblance between a reported person and a suspect we have in mind, and their behavior.

I think we have to create the safety means we need in CS on our own, as CS seems to be busy growing and taking care of itself and its own importance.

“CRIME, crimen: ROBBERY & Swindle, ROBO & Estafa, VOL & Arnaque… IN CS”

I hope this helps, thanks.

Dave ur a very good man. I for one am 100% behind u here. I’ve been lucky with my hosts; 100% good. Had a few bad surfers tho, including total freeloaders but no criminals yet.

Can we include freeloaders on this list too? They’re not dangerous but a nuisance & I think hosts deserve to know about their characteristics too.

Also I’ve noticed a number of “hosts” are actually not hosts at all, but trying to pull customers into backpacker lodges. This has happened to me once, & several of my guests have experienced similar replied to couchrequests. Can these people be included too, as well as criminals?

CS has changed over the 2 years since I joined, & not at all for the better. It’s sad to see that Casey Fenton’s dream has been ruined by a growing minority, but sadder still that he & his team are doing little to police CS. I wish he would realise this & act soon.

My regards to u Dave, & also to M, whom I pray is doing well.

& much love from Malaysia to all my CS brothers & sisters.


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Too much time from my previous host, I need to find soon a place available to show my macho features, any lady available????
Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; MSIE 9.0; Windows NT 6.0; Trident/5.0)

Hi Dave, how’s it going? Really sorry man, but this comment is unrelated to this post. Since I’m not sure you really read comments on “past” issues, I saw as more certain writing in this space. So, it’s concerning the Cristiano de Angelis case. I just had an idea, and would like to suggest it to you. I read the wikipedia article in “CouchSurfing” and there you can read about a Moroccan guy who raped a hosted he had at his place in the UK. Of course, the country and the nationality don’t mean anything, I’m just reporting as it is stated. Anyway, I thought “what if we – or some bona fide wikipedia member – wrote at least about the repercursion of the De Angelis case in the page?” That would be a lot of publicity, don’t you think? Without forgetting to say the (no)reaction of and the member’s criticism and action. Just an idea. What you say?


Cristiano just recently tried to post a “CS apology” email sent by a Trevor Cox, CS ambassador in Tokyo. Upon checking with Trevor, it unsurprisingly turned out that the email content was made up by Cristiano.

Comment has been removed.

There is a way you can file a claim. Contact the Brazillian embassy and present the data shown below. This is a reproduction of an legal authorization from the government given for Cristiano Trindade de Angelis to study abroad as a public employee and that can surely identify him for the brazilian representatives.



Em 20 de maio de 2010

O SECRETÁRIO EXECUTIVO DO MINISTÉRIO DO PLANEJAMENTO, ORÇAMENTO E GESTÃO, no uso da competência que lhe foi subdelegada pela Portaria MP nº 195, de 3 de julho de 2007, e tendo em vista o disposto no inciso IV do art. 1º do Decreto nº 1.387, de 7 de fevereiro de 1995, e suas alterações, e considerando a necessidade da participação nos eventos, autoriza o afastamento do País de

CRISTIANO TRINDADE DE ANGELIS, Analista de Planejamento e Orçamento, em exercício na Superintendência do Patrimônio da União no Estado de Santa Catarina – SPU/SC, para cursar o Doutorado em Engenharia de Produção na Universidade de Pádua, na ITÁLIA, no período de 21 de maio de 2010 a 31 de dezembro de 2012, incluído o trânsito, com ônus limitado, processo nº 04972.000732/2010-43, revogando a autorização concedida ao afastamento parcial para o curso de Doutorado em Gestão do Conhecimento da Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, processo nº 04972.000039/2009-37.

I found also the number of his social security card, CPF [Redacted]. I think it will be easy to identify him.
IP: [Redacted]
Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (iPad; CPU OS 5_0_1 like Mac OS X) AppleWebKit/534.46 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.1 Mobile/9A405 Safari/7534.48.3

I was hosted by Cristinano in Italy and I haven’t not met Dave in person only communicated with emails. I’m visiting Brazil and had the opportunity to talk to Cristiano in recent months. When he hosted me in Venice, I met his ex-girlfriend and her friend. His ex-girlfriend is a very smart Italian medical. Likewise, his Brazilian Glenio is super cool and the of being is incredible. Cristiano gave me a lot of information when I am traveling in Brazil.

It is only my experience with Cristiano.

I do not want to comment anything between Cristiano and other people because I do not know the fact. But I think In the blog it is difficult for him to defend for himself. I would like that Dave can give him a chance to put his feedback about the blog post.

Dave, please do not remove Cristiano’s comment in your blog so that he can have a chance to explain. I think it is fair for both of you.

@Leo: I have not removed a single “response” from Cristiano (in fact, if you go through the comments, you will see quite a few of his borderline psychopathic replies). The only comments of his that I have removed are 1) the ones that involved other people’s “testimonies” (/emails etc) that turned out to be entirely fake when I checked with them 2) his recurrent trolling with messages along the line of “Wooo, girls, come get naked with me, I’m a Brazilian sex god”… I have been more than fair with him (although, honestly, letting his schizophrenic personality shine in these comments is probably not helping him).

I am happy for you that you had a positive experience with him, but the case is pretty much long closed: Cristiano is dangerous to women and has some serious mental issues (as shown through his own comments here). Behaving like a normal human being with one person (eg. you) doesn’t change much to that.

I think you are insulting schizophrenics by saying he has a schizophrenic personality. My brother is schizophrenic and far from being sociopathic, nor does my brother utter tons of gibberish or lies whether he is hallucinating or not.

Anyway, thank you for sharing all of this. I fully believe this accusation of rape, after reading everything. Even if that were made up, the dude is about as close to a rapist as you can get without actually being one. That’s merely stereotyping to say that “sociopaths are all smooth criminals.” Besides, what does that even mean? Rapists can be stupid, smart, sociopathic or not, serial or one-time… but I can guarantee you almost no rapist will ever admit to it in his lifetime, knowing how extremely condemned it is in every society, even the ones that LOVE punishing the victim. He would bet his life on defending himself against any accusations, hence all the b.s. about false rape accusations.

I’ve been harassed plenty of times, and it’s an all-too-common pattern. I don’t think every guy who’s harassed me is a bad guy or that he would ever come close to raping myself or anyone else – but then there are those who you have to seriously be afraid of, and they exhibit patterns on another level, which is the level this guy sounds like he’s on. I have hung out with a guy like that before, and I knew I was being unsafe when I did it, but I decided to take that risk… luckily, no rape was involved, but there was definitely some major harassment. It was a low point in my life that I’ll never return to. I later heard the guy had been fired from working at Le Pain Quotidien for harassing multiple coworkers. He was one of those guys like Cristiano who blabber on and on in gibberish half the time like they’re dumb as shit, and when I told him to get off of me, he just stared at me and didn’t move, as if my words hadn’t even registered in his mind. Even the relatively harmless harassers share this in common with every other harasser that I’ve encountered: when you say no, it’s like it doesn’t even register in their minds that you said anything until you start kicking and screaming at the top of your lungs and get really nasty and have repeated yourself a hundred times. I am just imagining that this was the scenario with this dumb guy. He climbed into her bed, she told him to get the hell out, and he just continued what he was doing as if he’d never heard her… perhaps in his mind, combined with his complete inability to comprehend rejection, she even did – as he claims – “want it.”

@Tlax: I think you are committing a logical fallacy when assuming my mention of schizophrenia has to be read as an insult to all schizophrenics… I was not trying to imply that all schizophrenics are rapists (or even potential rapists), merely that Cristiano’s behaviour and writing are quite evocative of schizophrenia symptoms. But as I also said elsewhere on this page, I don’t really care to come up with a clinical diagnostic (which wouldn’t be worth much, based merely on these interactions): that’s not my job and his actions speak loudly enough as it is.

At the very least, I think we can all agree that he is quite deranged and, indeed, does not seem likely to admit any fault any time soon. He recently somehow managed to enroll some unwitting third party he had recently met, into contacting me to lobby for his cause… All the while posting his usual rambling/offensive comments (which I now delete, as they absolutely do not add anything to the debate, except to confirm he is gone off the deep end): the mind boggles…

Hello Dave,

First of all, I would ask you, as my friend Leo,please, not delete this message. Anyway, if you do so, this time,  I will ask my friends to post this message in CS web site as well.

Second, I would ask if you could to prove, at least, that I posted in this blog all the insane messages that you accused me of posting.

You and other participants of this blog, based on these false messages, are creating a big scandal. I have already said (please, take a look at my old messages below) that: “People write in my name, say they know me or they have seen me, but I’ve never seen them or been there. All people should be responsible for their actions as an invasion of my privacy and publication of false Cristiano comments.

In detail, at the beginning of this whole long story, I requested the email of the girl who wanted proof that the train ticket was stolen, but the girl did not respond. I also was surprised by the accusation, since there is no sense in a person appearing so long after the fact at the police to tell a story without any evidence. As I saw in the first page of this blog, the Japanese police were surprised too. As I had already explained, a girl who lives in a building full of neighbors and cameras in the hallways, the least that she could have done was to scream for help.

It is just one word against the another, with no evidences, only accusations thrown into the air. If we compare, a ticket that disappeared, with only two people in the apartment, is actually more than accusing someone of rape without any evidence, either physical or verbal.

Your comments and accusations are an attempt to get people to believe you without offering any proof what so ever. When you considerer that on top of refusing to let me post on your blog, you post fake Cristiano messages it makes you highly suspect.

The damages with respect to the difficulties with the Italian university, my job, my friends and family are irreparable. Anyway, I am suing the host site of the blog throw the American justice system in LA, the city where the host is located, for moral and financial damage and I am waiting for the outcome.

[copy-paste of past posted comments removed]
Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (iPad; CPU OS 5_0_1 like Mac OS X) AppleWebKit/534.46 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.1 Mobile/9A405 Safari/7534.48.3


For the one and last time: I haven’t deleted any of your comments (there are now half a dozen of your comments spread across all entries to this blog), except for a few times where you posted vulgar and offensive statements irrelevant to this case (other than to show that you are psychologically imbalanced). Nor did I make up or let anybody make up any of the comments that appear under your name (I did delete one or two impostors/jokers that were using the pseudonym ‘christiano’ to post here): all comments under your name (including those rambling, offensive ones) were posted by you and I have the server logs to prove it.

As for “one word against another”, the dozens of testimonies above beg to differ.

Finally, to everybody who might be somewhat concerned: Cristiano’s “lawsuit” against me or my host is just yet another of his usual fabrication. There has been no such attempt, and if there were, my lawyer and I would be all too happy to answer it.

Good morning, Dave.

Let me introduce myself: I am Glenio Franca, a friend of Cristiano. I live in Rio de Janeiro and work for the Brazilian federal government like Cristiano. (Unlike some of the other commenters, it’s easy to find me on Facebook.)

As you know, Cristiano is away studying for his Doctorate. He told me about the rape accusation. And I have something to say.

First of all, I realize that Cristiano can be a very difficult person, but none of the evidence points to him being a rapist. I know my friend and I believe that there was sex, but with the girl’s consent. One thing is asking to have sex: it can be impolite but is not a crime. Another thing is forcing someone to have sex, which was not the case. According to the reports I’ve read, he tried, but when a girl said a definitive NO to him, he stopped. He didn’t insist.

So, all the reports only contribute to confirm that Cristiano had limits to his behavior. There were many ways your friend could have refused to have sex with Cris, like the other girls did. In her report, I can’t see a threat, physical or psychological violence or drugs involved. These things normally are characteristic of rape.

Did the neighbors hear any loud protest cry for help? Why didn’t she scream? Because as I said before, to be considered rape threats, some type of force or incapacitation is necessary. It seems that none of these things happened. So, once again, why no loud protest?

I don’t know exactly why she is doing this. But I can suggest a few possible reasons. Lets list the events in order.

1. He was a none paying guest in her apartament, which is part of a large apartament complex.

2. He had sex with her.

3. She was accused of stealing Cristiano’s train ticket.

4. Cristiano threatened her with going to the police.

5. After being accused and Cristiano leaving her apartment she wrote to Dave and complained to her friends.

6. Her friends convinced her to go to the police even though she was hesitant.

7. She only went to the police after Cristiano left Japan. She had full knowledge of his departure date.

8. The police refused to register the case, probably because they were suspicious and therefore did not bring charges.

Maybe she accused him just because he had accused her first. Perhaps if he hadn’t accused her she wouldn’t have accused him. In other words, she may have accused him in order to defend herself from his accusation. And she didn’t want to go to the police while Cristiano was still in Japan because she knew it would work against her. I don’t know if it happened this way because, without proof, everything that we think about this case are just suppositions. You should remember this when you write in your blog because what ever we believe is nothing more than our opinion without proof.

Changing the subject a little, about the email from the CS Ambassador, I saw the email and see no indication of it being false. And I saw another email from him, that beyond confirming the first email the CS Ambassador offered sympathy, support and advice to Cristiano about this case.

Finally, I don’t think that you are doing this to my friend through bad intention, but that you truly believe in your friend’s version. But is it not possible that you are being mislead?




First of all, in case you haven’t, please read all three entries related to Cristiano’s case. The last one answers at length pretty much anything that could be said about it. You will forgive me for not wanting to spend more time on this pathetic story than I have so far: there is unfortunately not much more that can or will be done about it and Cristiano likely never will have to answer for his actions in Japan, but few things would make me take this warning down (and considering Cristiano’s behaviour ever since, it definitely serves its purpose).

Most of your comments are answered elsewhere on this site, but a few more points:

– You are right that the evidence against Cristiano is mostly circumstantial (aside from his word against hers). But the circumstances are overwhelmingly in his disfavour. Not *one* woman who interacted with him during his Asian trip had anything nice to say about him (and I don’t care about what his sister or his best friend at home has to say)… On the other hand, dozens of unrelated people have witnessed behaviours of his that ranged from unpalatable to outright unpleasant and threatening. And when you say that other testimonials mentioned him backing off when told to, that is not accurate: many, if not most, women mentioned telling him repeatedly and unambiguously to leave them alone, to little result. And these women were usually not alone and/or in public places.

The laundry list of “negative” (to put it lightly) things that can be provably attributed to Cristiano, from outright lies and fabrications to abuse of the CS system, leaves very little room to the “he’s just a misunderstood guy” narrative.

– On the other hand, you will be hard-pressed to find a single negative testimony against my friend, out of the dozens of people she hosted and helped during their travels. Which takes us to the next point: trying to insert Cristiano’s bizarre story of stolen train ticket into the mix is even less credible. To people who know my friend personally, such outlandish accusation would only further discredit him, but his later comments on it (including some obviously fabricated story about the train company confirming that “somebody had tried to exchange the ticket”) made it truly obvious for any third party with the slightest knowledge about how these things work in Japan…

– Finally: about the mail from that “CS Ambassador” (keeping in mind that such a title means very little and certainly doesn’t mean he would be speaking on behalf of CS, which has kept a diplomatically low profile and abstained from any comment on this): I have an email from him directly denying ever having written what Cristiano quoted him as saying. Therefore either of two things: 1) Cristiano is lying or 2) the CS ambassador is lying (and does not feel like backing up his own words). Either way: not of much interest to the case…

I am sure you are not a particularly bad person, Glenio, and you are right to take accusations against somebody you know with a grain of salt. However, from where I stand, there is little room left for doubt. And nowhere enough to back down on these accusations (if Cristiano really wants to clear his name, he is most welcome to come to Kyoto and confront his accuser). Also, you will forgive me for not wanting to engage much deeper in that old topic, but considering the number of people Cristiano regularly convinces to contact me in order to advocate on his behalf (some of which have barely met him), I could be spending the rest of my life repeating myself here…


Although you finally admit that it is one word against another, without proofs and evidence, I will make a few words on behalf of my friend Cristiano, who I met through CS three year ago.

You quote in your last post that several women had problems with him, but I did not see any problem he had with any woman except this false history of this Japanese girl. You even deleted several positive references ( more than 13) that he received in CS, as well as presents at the end of the messages posted by him.

Another thing he talked to me, you can not say with 100% certainty that all other” Cristianos “who posted unscrupulous messages were done by the real Cristiano, based on the location of the computers’ IP, for example a message posted in Rome. It is more than one year that Cristiano no longer lives in Italy. He tried to posted the three messages that he posted in this blog ( one of them you deleted completely) in his last message, but you removed.

To conclude this discussion generated by many people who wrote without accurate knowledge and analysis of the situation, I would say the following:

While the generation y seeks to acquire and create more and more information without worrying about credibility, but simply moved by emotion (generation of smarters). Rather, the challenge that presents itself to Generation Z is to learn to select, analyze, intregrate, interpret the information before making a decision (generation of intelligents). This is a process that takes time, because it involves maturity, development of competences and adaptation.


I did not “admit that it is one’s word against another”. I conceded the obvious fact that there was no material evidence (as is very often the case in occurrences of rape). And while there were no witness to Cristiano’s actions while he was there, there is ample evidence of his many attempts to hide his past behaviours and further damning testimonies regarding his actions before and after. There is such a thing as character witnesses in the judicial system (which this is not: it is me making the case that I have zero reason to trust him one second).

About positive references: please do me a favour and read the other blog entries if you want to discuss this. I think I have made my case often enough not to repeat it again. The bottom line is that I contacted every single CSer he gave out to the world as “supporting his good character” (he of course did not think it necessary to ask them if they minded being mentioned in public forums outside of CS). Of the ones that replied, most gave a *very* different version from their “positive” reference and even the ones that had nothing negative, did not feel that they wanted their name associated with him. Only 3 people (who also posted in the comments to this blog) did not change their words and gave him full support. That’s very nice for him, but as I explained a thousand times, finding three people that find you nice, does not erase the dozens of people who thought you were an abusive asshole.

Regarding “fake” Cristiano postings: trust me, you don’t want to go there. I have worked long enough in IT that I know my way around a server log. I know exactly when, where and with what device he posted his comments. I doubt there are hundreds of Cristiano impersonators out there posting from their iPad with the exact same language and OS settings. The message posted from Rome, was posted at the very same time he was hosted by a CSer in Rome (said CSer is part of the very few people who supported him and emailed me at the time)… Whatever makes you think he was not in Rome then: you are wrong.

I only removed 2 kind of messages (for a total of maybe 2 or 3 messages, some of them repeated a few times):

1) his copy-paste of “positive” references. I just explained why (but I never removed any verified comments in support of him that were posted on this blog).

2) his more repetitive and vile messages about being some sort of latino demi-god that get all the girls etc. etc. (and frankly: I did him a favour by removing these… they clearly show his true side as a deranged individual).

As a final word, I should add that, in addition to the overwhelming string of damning testimonies I copied on my blog, I have received a number of private communications from people who had been in close contact with Cristiano (through all sorts of channels) and wanted to share their own horror stories about him. Though they did not want to make it public, they gave me all necessary evidence to verify their identity and credibility…

So I can assure you that you are wasting your time trying to convince me that your “good friend” is the victim of a big misunderstanding…

Hello Dave,
Thank you for your availability.
I would like to say that your blog has brought me many problems, but also a great learning.

I lost my advisor in Italy in 2011 and the woman I love in December last year, and received several threats via social networks and email. I admit that my way too open and how to get involved with some women, without knowing enough, generated accusations.

However, the point that it reached was necessary for deep learning and change. In the last eight months I passed through an incredible spiritual growth, and I began to write a book about Spiritual Intelligence. The result was that I finished my doctorate and I came back with the woman I love and I’ll bring her with me to Brazil.
Regarding the charge of rape, again and very quickly, I would highlight the following facts:

We went out for drinks with your friends and when we arrived at home, I tried to approach her. Not forced anything. Just walked up and she accepted without any backlash. It was all quiet. So much that the next day she gave me a kiss and went to work.

In 2011, she wrote in your blog:

“Next morning, I said to him to leave my place as soon as possible. but he was saying some thing to stay at my place. I was hurrying for work and left him before but he said he would leave Also in 10 min. After my work, it was around 23:00, he was still at my place …… ” She reacted so aggressively when she came home in the end of the next day (23:00) and I asked about my train ticket, which strangely disappeared into hes house. Besides not having had any backlash, even throughout the next day I was at her home, she decided to go to the police only after I left Japan, 5 days after spending the night together.

I know that you have received other negative testimonials in your email. But, all the accusations are just words without evidence, and how you do not know me, you react with anger too.

I am sure that is already more than enough everything I’ve ever spent and then ask you to take this blog away.
I decided to post this email on the blog to reignite the debate that I am generating through an article I’m writing criticizing the avalanche of information without credibility, context and meaning generated by google, which is losing several causes in court for defamation and allow slander without evidence. A recent example you can find at
Sorry, for sending in Portuguese, but only had time to follow the proceedings against google in Brazil, where I am moving a process of moral damages.

Be well,


Just observations. First, “spiritual growth” does seem like an angle to get us to forget things like:

“Many single girls there heard about the story and are really very interested in me and they want to host me to see if I am the real ‘macho’ as all the peole told in those stories.

Finally:I am having more dates now than in all the months in Asia.

Thanks again and please spread more my name and voice so that I can show to all the ladies I will met that everything is true and I am so handsome and really the powerful brazilian sex machine.


Yikes. I had to go wash my hands after that cut/paste.

Second, under the category of “DUH”, I think a majority of people would act aggressively if someone was in their home who wasn’t supposed to be there. Third, there was indeed a backlash. If someone feels that they are in imminent danger and they don’t have the power to confront it they will either run or stay still and wait for the danger to pass/leave. The backlash came after the danger left. Pretty common process for dealing with dangerous situations. Fourth, the only things I “bring with me” on a trip is luggage or some other possession. I guess it’s possible to bring a person with you, maybe ones children, but to ‘bring a woman with me’ just sounds unfortunate for the woman.

Hello Dave,

I contacted all people who post accusations in this blog yesterday.

I have already received support from two people from Japan: Mochan (the leader of Japan Highlight Trip, and, for the third time, from the Ambassador of CS group in Toquio, Trevor Cox, and my friend Leo, the ambassador of CS in China.

I tried to post all this messages but your blog, for the third time, not allow it.

Well, I stayed with Mochan’s group for one week after passing through Kyoto. We tried to contact Ms. M** in order to check the possibility to get the money from my train ticket back. No results.

As you can see in the report sent by Trevor and available at and, the same thing happened in Malaysia and the girl was punished ( $66,000 in damages).

According to the reports, there are a number of sites, like the ones where Clayworth was defamed, “that are set up on a borderline-extortion business model.” They charge money to remove defamatory material.

One friend from Brazil agrees with Mochan and Trevor. He lived 20 years in Japan. He told me that the laws in Japan are extremely rigid and then people get a lot of money ( government compensation), creating false stories or simulating sexual and moral harassment, suicide, car accidents and so on. Please, be sure that I will not give for you and your friend Ms. M*** and I will investigate how much money you got from Japanese Government.

Trevor emphasises that Ms. M*** has preference for hosting young, good-looking men. I tried to post in the beginning of last year in your blog the message from Trevor.

Dave, I will give until tomorrow for you to remove this false accusation from your blog, otherwise I will create another blog with the allegations head-on by posting interesting things, including pictures, about Ms. M***. Besides that, even though I don’t want to charge Ms. M*** than her own conciousness because she is very poor, I will move a process against her and you in Japan.

Best Regards,

Cristiano Trindade De Angelis, PhD

Cristiano De Angelis


It seems that this great existential crisis of self-improvement was rather short-lived, and not completely disinterested. It would have been a lot more convincing if you had waited more than 24h to switch onto your real goal of erasing the bad publicity around your name.

I’m sure it’s a little easier being humble and looking for “spiritual growth”, when the people you are trying to trick and deceive have an easy way to look up your past exploits. You really must think I am an idiot: I may no longer care enough about what you do to update this page, but I do still receive emails from people who cross your path, and they still haven’t got anything nice to say about you. You are not the victim of cyber-stalking, you are a sexual predator and, all around, a very unpleasant individual. There are many dozens of people to witness to that.

The deal is simple: if you want any of that page to go down, you come back to Japan and subject yourself to a judicial confrontation. You seem very sure of your right as a poor victim of unfair harassment, surely you shouldn’t be afraid to stand for it in person. My guess is that it will not turn in your favour.

Anything else is a waste of your time and mine. So from now on, unless you have anything meaningful to add to the conversation, you will not get any reply from me, nor will your comment get posted here. This is not a platform for your ranting.

If any of the third party involved in this story want their name or testimony removed, they contact me directly, not through you. And if it comes to light that you are harassing anybody to get them to recant (as it seems you have started doing), this will go in there as well.

Feel free to launch your own website, but be careful about what you write and how you spin your lies. Try starting a smear campaign against anybody, and you will quickly regret playing that game, “Doctor” Angelis (ha).